We didn’t do anything out-of-the-ordinary…but that doesn’t mean we did nothing extraordinary

We didn’t do anything out-of-the-ordinary…but that doesn’t mean we did nothing extraordinary.
This spring, we:

Celebrated life at 38 years old…

Explored the world…
We watched the Olympics Opening Ceremony and found ALL the represented countries on our map.

Appreciated fine workmanship…

The BYU Museum of Art hosted two wonderful exhibits simultaneously. One was E.C. Escher (famed “Impossible Constructions” artist) and the other was Tiffany stained glass. Nate’s a big fan of the illusions and I’ve always been a big fan of these lamps.
The kids and Rob were studying this display of different glass and I was elsewhere. Nate asked Rob to choose two favorites. A couple of minutes later I came over and Nate asked the same of me. 
Guess what? Out of all these samples, I happened to choose the same two favorites that Rob chose. Match made in heaven, we are!
Were awestruck by nature’s resilience (and OUR OWN!)…

Worked hard and went for it…

Visited the House of the Lord as an eternal family…
Played a prank on mom (who HATES PeeWee!)…

Expanded newly discovered brain cells…
Played at the Happiest Place on Earth in Utah…

Nate doesn’t look quite as happy here as he did on Cannibal.
Snuggled our peeps…

Created joy through craft…

Can you see Nate in his tank (with working gun)?
Every so often we clean out the fridge/freezer and pantry and let the kids “cook” 
with all the throw-away ingredients. They get such a KICK out of this tradition! It started when Nate was a wee lad of 2 and I caught him “cooking” in the kitchen with food he found.
Now he’s making stuff like this!
And we basically just keep growing up way too fast!
These are extraordinary days that will be cherished forever.

Foto Friday – Lily


Okay, so some of you have complained that you get confused trying to figure out whether Rob or Julie wrote a post or took a picture. We’ve kind of kept it ambiguous on purpose. That way, you’d know we’re a team and work pretty closely together on both taking and editing our pictures. Plus, there’s less competition between us that way 😉  OR, we can keep score and see who gets more comments!! That would be fun, eh?  But for those of you who really do think it’s important to know, this is Julie.

Back to my Foto Friday. A couple of weeks ago, Rob came home from work with this flower behind his back. I love lilies. When we were dating, they were the first flowers he ever gave me. It happened after being very close to breaking things off. That fateful Memorial Day seven years ago, he walked into my house with a huge vase full of lilies. He was “Sorry for being a putz.” I smiled, hugged him, and we went to a BBQ. Things progressed quickly from that day and we’re both sitting here typing on our computers with two gorgeous kids sleeping down the hall. Life rocks.

This picture was easily done just by getting close to the flower and using a flash. I darkened the background, upped the exposure just a little, and changed it to black & white. It’s not as sharp as I was going for, but it turned out okay because the edges are softened a little, which looks good.

Here are two other lily pictures I took. Have a great Friday!

Foto Friday – Peace and Purpose

Flowering Temple Square

The best photos one can take aren’t those that capture just a beautiful image, but one that captures beautiful memories and feelings.  As mentioned before, I worked for 6 years at the Church Office Building on Temple Square.  Almost every day I was able to walk on the stunning grounds in the shadows of some of the most beautiful edifices on earth.  I could be having a hard day at work and all I’d have to do is walk out the doors and I’d be in instant peace.  I could physically feel my body ease and my mind quiet.  
All seasons are beautiful there, but in late April and early May thousands of tulips and trees are in bloom, just in time for spring General Conference. The hustle of the tourists from all over the world, missionaries, and general authorities galore gave me and the work I was doing a sense of purpose and meaning.  It wasn’t just another “job.”  I was one of the many, many people giving their best to further the work of the Lord.  
I still miss it.  I have never second-guessed nor regretted my decision to stay home with my children. But I will never forget all the lessons learned, friends made, and special feelings I had while there.  Eventually, when I go back to work again, I have a hard time thinking I’ll want to work for anyone other than the Corporation of the Presiding Bishopric.

I decided to just finish off my old Temple Square batch and put the last of the photos into a slideshow.  Who knew I’d get so much mileage out of one short shoot?