Foto Friday – Lily


Okay, so some of you have complained that you get confused trying to figure out whether Rob or Julie wrote a post or took a picture. We’ve kind of kept it ambiguous on purpose. That way, you’d know we’re a team and work pretty closely together on both taking and editing our pictures. Plus, there’s less competition between us that way 😉  OR, we can keep score and see who gets more comments!! That would be fun, eh?  But for those of you who really do think it’s important to know, this is Julie.

Back to my Foto Friday. A couple of weeks ago, Rob came home from work with this flower behind his back. I love lilies. When we were dating, they were the first flowers he ever gave me. It happened after being very close to breaking things off. That fateful Memorial Day seven years ago, he walked into my house with a huge vase full of lilies. He was “Sorry for being a putz.” I smiled, hugged him, and we went to a BBQ. Things progressed quickly from that day and we’re both sitting here typing on our computers with two gorgeous kids sleeping down the hall. Life rocks.

This picture was easily done just by getting close to the flower and using a flash. I darkened the background, upped the exposure just a little, and changed it to black & white. It’s not as sharp as I was going for, but it turned out okay because the edges are softened a little, which looks good.

Here are two other lily pictures I took. Have a great Friday!

3 thoughts on “Foto Friday – Lily

  1. Thanks, girls! I was able to blacken out the background by 1-shooting in a dim room (or you can shoot against a black background). 2-shooting close to the flower with my flash on. 3-Turn the “Black Clipping” in Lightroom up to 100%. Hope that helps!

  2. I’m so glad you cleared up who this was because Julie I didn’t even know you took pictures too. I really like this one. Lilies are one of my favorite flowers too. That is so fun that you can both share a talent like that.

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