Rob @ 29 Years

Rob Portrait - 29

I asked Julie to take a portrait for me the other day.  We took this late at night with very little light in the house.  We used a shoot-thru umbrella camera right and covered the back half of the umbrella to limit the amount of light the spilled into the room behind me.  It took a few minutes for us to get this right but we finally got it!  Julie had me change the shirt I was wearing (this turned out to be a very good idea because I really like how my shirt looks in the portrait) and helped coax along a demi-smile to cast away the frown on my face.  In post processing I increased the exposure about 1/3 of a stop to get the look I wanted, used the adjustment brush to darken/clean up the residual light on the wall behind me, and added my split-toning present to add a light warmth to the black and white treatment.  Anyway, I like it and I hope you do too.  🙂

So, what am I like at the age of 29?  As I’m sitting here on the train platform with snow falling around me and O.A.R. (Mister Moon) blaring in my headphones, I’m really happy with my life.  Julie’s sister is being sealed to her husband and little girl today and I’m just so happy for them.  I’m a little bummed that I got a late start today and then got the train schedule wrong; but I can’t help thinking that it is kind of cool to be sitting here writing and thinking about the scene around me.  I’m gazing across the tracks at an old train depot that is kind of worn down and in sort of in bad condition.  Some groovy 311 is now radiating my mind with chill vibes….sweet.  As I look down I enjoy the way the snow lands on the railroad ballast (just a bunch of rocks right?), it emphasizes the open structure of the gravel and makes me think that the commuter rail lines were built on a giant sponge. 

A couple of songs, a large gust of wind that blasts my computer with a dusting of fresh snow (oops), and a few moments have passed; I’m on the train now.  I love the moment that I step on the train; here I am!  Jack Johnson’s Banana Pancakes is on now chilling me out and takes my mind back to Julie (I really love that woman). 

So why the random progression of thoughts this morning?  Here’s my thinking, you all just got a glimpse into my (oh nice….Dave Matthews, Everyday) mind; I’m not sure if that is a painful or relaxing experience.  So if I had to use a few words to describe myself at 29 here are the words I would use.  Happy, focused, playful, passionate, optimistic, and maybe even a little bit pensive as of late (shocking I know).  This sounds like an awfully positive list of adjectives; keep in mind that I often take these attributes to excess.  🙂  If you care to add a few words about how I am at the age of 29, please feel free.  One last thought, the Nearness of You by Norah Jones takes me back to Julie, I love you Julie. 

One thought on “Rob @ 29 Years

  1. I would use all those same words, but I'd also add generous (with both time & energy), talented, intelligent, goofy, handsome, fast-learner, and romantic.

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