Happy Birthday, Lisa!


Today is my sister Lisa’s birthday. She turns 37 today, 10 years older than me. She is married to Rodney Higdon (not him in the picture above. That’s our bro-in-law, Troy) and they live in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Unfortunately, since Lisa is so much older than I am and she’s lived out of state for many years, I don’t have millions of memories with her, but I do have some good ones. Here are a few:

  • I remember her taking me on many shopping trips. She’d take me to all the cool, trendy shops and helped me choose cute outfits to try on. Sometimes she even bought them for me. That was SO cool of her!! I remember her buying me a short, white skort with purple flowers that tied in the front and on another occasion she bought me a white button-up shirt with a tie and suspenders. They were so cute (at least back then they were)! 🙂
  • I remember watching her get ready for dates or go out dancing. She’d doll up in her gorgeous outfits and stiletto heels, curl her hair, and carefully apply her makeup. I LOVED watching her do her makeup. She would tell me about the man she was going out with or the men she was hoping to run into. I thought it was pretty amazing to be able to date. I was way too young for that at the time.
  • When I was older, there were times when we’d go out together. She introduced me to the billiards hall and taught me some moves, some with the cue and some without 😉 She can totally hold her own on the pool table and showed me how to work it in order to get a guy’s attention. I can testify that those moves work 😉
  • She went to massage therapy school and is a talented masseuse and knows her stuff. I’ve had the pleasure of getting a massage from her and I loved it!

Some other notable things about Lisa now:

  • She’s a great gift-giver. When possible, the birthday and Christmas gifts that she gives are generous. For example, one birthday she gave me a spa gift certificate!! It was awesome. When she’s not able to spend too much, she always sends a loving note with birthday wishes. It’s very thoughtful and nice.
  • She has many interests and talents. It seems that she’s good at everything she tries. Like I said before, she’s a great masseuse, but she’s also a great fisherman (woman), knows all about fine jewelry and gemstones, loves to cook exotic dinners, is a shoe expert, a fast typist, loves to work out (used to be into body building), can work people like nobody’s business, and knows how to get what she wants.
  • She always wanted to live in Alaska so she actually picked herself up and moved there…all by herself. I thought that was pretty brave and cool of her. She loved it and that’s where she met her husband. 

Doesn’t she sound like the most fascinating person? Well, she is.  I miss her since she’s been living away from the family and hope to visit with her soon. Happy Birthday, Lisa!! I love you!

One thought on “Happy Birthday, Lisa!

  1. Oh Jewel,Thanks so much for the kind birthday words. (Smile) They really made my day. Money is tight right now so Rodney took me out to get a yummy sandwhich and provisions for our road trip tomorrow. We are moving to Arizona where I will continue my massage education and become licensed within 7 months. I’m hoping that after I graduate I can start my own business or at the very least work at an upscale salon. Rodney is considering going back to school too. How exciting for me I must say moving to another state I have never lived in before. I love and miss you tons and in Arizona we will be close enough to come to visit.Love you,Lisa

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