Foto Friday – Peace and Purpose

Flowering Temple Square

The best photos one can take aren’t those that capture just a beautiful image, but one that captures beautiful memories and feelings.  As mentioned before, I worked for 6 years at the Church Office Building on Temple Square.  Almost every day I was able to walk on the stunning grounds in the shadows of some of the most beautiful edifices on earth.  I could be having a hard day at work and all I’d have to do is walk out the doors and I’d be in instant peace.  I could physically feel my body ease and my mind quiet.  
All seasons are beautiful there, but in late April and early May thousands of tulips and trees are in bloom, just in time for spring General Conference. The hustle of the tourists from all over the world, missionaries, and general authorities galore gave me and the work I was doing a sense of purpose and meaning.  It wasn’t just another “job.”  I was one of the many, many people giving their best to further the work of the Lord.  
I still miss it.  I have never second-guessed nor regretted my decision to stay home with my children. But I will never forget all the lessons learned, friends made, and special feelings I had while there.  Eventually, when I go back to work again, I have a hard time thinking I’ll want to work for anyone other than the Corporation of the Presiding Bishopric.

I decided to just finish off my old Temple Square batch and put the last of the photos into a slideshow.  Who knew I’d get so much mileage out of one short shoot?  

7 thoughts on “Foto Friday – Peace and Purpose

  1. ROB AND JULIE!! I got your message EONS ago, and totally meant to call you back- I just cleaned off my voicemail and realized that life got away with me, again.I do want some pictures. When are you free? Let’s talk…or, may you can email me- my email is on my profile.

  2. Julie,You take such wonderful photos and more than that, you are a wonderful writer! I love to read your thoughts.

  3. Such very beautiful photos. I can see why you loved being there in all that peacefulness.Love, Maria.

  4. Julie,Those pics are AMAZING. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us. Your words really touched my heart. I needed that today. Thanks again.

  5. I LOVE this photo! What would be really fun is to take a photo walk at temple square one day and just get pictures of the temple at different angles. I have been wanting to take one to hang on my walls……or I will just have to buy this one from you! 🙂

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