Joseph, the Red Chair, Breanna, and Grandma Snow

Breanna (my sister), Gene, and Joseph came down from Boise a few times this summer.  We spent some time with them at the International Peace Gardens, at the Snow Household, visiting the Grandparents Snow, and rocking out at the Warped Tour listening to Kelly’s Band (Poetica). 

Joseph (2 of 2)

Most recently we took a few pictures of Joseph in the famous red chair.  This is the same chair that my Dad used as a young child so there is a lot of good feelings and emotions surrounding this chair.  So much emotion, in fact, that it was very difficult to shoot Joseph in the chair. Hoards of grandparents and relatives congregated around the shoot location blocking out the light, blocking Julie while she was trying to light Joseph with the reflector, distracting me (shooting at the time), and completely distracting Joseph, only to get a few pictures on their cell phones of him sitting on the red chair.  Despite all this we still got a couple pictures that are cute.  You can see his other picture from the shoot here.  

Breanna & Grandma Snow

Before heading to see Kelly’s band play at the Warped Tour, we all had a good time visiting with Grandma Snow.  Grandma Snow has had a sweet and kind influence in the lives of her grandchildren.  We love her very much and I think this shot of her and Breanna is very cute. 

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