Stories For FHE

In the past we haven’t been the best at having Family Home Evenings. We just plain forget or know that it will be impossible to keep Nate’s attention. But a few weeks ago we made yet another commitment to do them.

So one Monday night I got a book out that showed a few different pictures of Jesus. We showed Nathan the picture of Jesus’ birth, teaching people, praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, hanging on the cross, and his resurrection. We didn’t really have a lesson planned, we just talked about what happened in the pictures. To our amazement, Nathan was fascinated!! Okay, well, mostly about the bad guys hammering Jesus’ hands and feet. But we felt pretty good about him even being interested in the stories.

Being encouraged, we decided to try again the following Monday night. This time, I didn’t have any other pictures to really look at but Nate LOVES to watch Rob and I draw. So I decided we’d keep his attention by having Rob draw the pictures to the story I was telling. Hmmmm, what story?? I thought Jonah and the Whale would keep his attention and teach him about obeying Jesus when He asks us to do something. It totally worked!!

Last Monday night we did it again, only with the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den (teaching about Heavenly Father answering prayers). It worked yet again!

Moral of the story…Nate is totally game for FHE as long as we tell a violent story. Maybe in the upcoming weeks we’ll teach him about Abinidi in the fire, Moses and the 10 plagues, or King Solomon threatening to cut the baby in half. Geez, there are a lot of fun “boy” stories to choose from!!

Yeah…We should probably try and tell nice stories, too…

2 thoughts on “Stories For FHE

  1. No way, that’s NOT our picture. Not that Rob can’t draw a great stick figure…Last night we tried to teach about tithing. I had 10 pennies and a tithing envelope. We tried to make it very interactive and fun. The result???NOT INTERESTED. Except for putting the pennies in the fridge…

  2. He is all boy, isn’t he. That’s great, what a great way to tell stories. Is that the art you drew? If it is you guys are awesome artists, if not, put some of these pictures up. Share with us, please?

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