A Very Colorful Spring

The blossoms and flowers this spring have been nothing short of splendid. I (Rob) have been really enjoying the springtime color and the very nice weather on the weekends. Julie’s great yard love is flowers and mine is trees; putting those two together has been a visual delight following the long cold of winter.

In order to remember this spring for a long time I’ve photographed some plants from the yard. I see these plants and trees all around the neighborhood so I know a lot of people have been enjoying them right along with me.

The first flowers of the year were crocuses. They were blossoming in late March. It was barely warm then!

The next flower in the yard is the daffodil.

Next are many, many, many flowering pear blossoms. Holy Smokes!

Next are the tulips.

Next is the flowering tree that I’ve never seen blossom before this year. I’ve seen many of them around the neighborhood and really enjoy them.

Next come the red buds. These have always been a colorful treat in our yard.

And finally the royal raindrop tree.

I hope you all remember the flowers this spring for years and years to come. It was a splendid spring.

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