Butterflies and Cousins

A couple weeks ago, my parents invited the kids and me (Rob) to the Butterfly Biosphere at Thanksgiving Point. We had a fun time watching all the kids run around the play and learning area of the complex. See below some photos of the cousins!

These bricks really captured Cara’s attention for a while. She enjoyed piecing the puzzle together to create an artistic tower/wall. Eventually some others get involved.

When it was time to go and see the butterflies the kids ran in first and my parents, grandma, and I were left to wait for the next group to enter. When we finally entered I had a fantastic time using my new lens to get closeup photos of the butterflies. My lens is a wide angle lens (which seems odd to use for close ups) and has a very close focusing distance. I imagine that people observing may have thought it odd for me to be within a inch or two of the butterflies I was photographing. Enjoy the photos. We had a fun time.

Madeleine was disappointed that no butterflies landed on her. When she said, “they don’t like me,” I was sad she felt that so internally. My grandma had a couple land on her and I think Madeleine was a little bugged about it. Before we left the butterfly area I snapped a few photos of some lovely flowers. I’m a sucker for some good flower close ups!

Since Nate was not around Madeleine and Joe spent more time together than they might typically. Here is a photo of them together making joke after joke about bug science. They were laughing together hysterically and it was wonderful to see them together in that way.

We all had a good time experiencing the Butterfly Biosphere together and then got some Pizza Pie Cafe together with my parents and grandma. It was a very nice Saturday afternoon!

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