The Things of Spring

When Rob and I think back on this last spring, we mostly think of meningitis. The trauma is still present in all our minds, but looking through the pictures taken over those months makes us realize that there were more memories than we’ve given credit.


Madeleine had two ballroom competitions and a school dance. She knocked them all out of the park.


Caroline won 5th place in her grade for the school’s annual 5k. This from a girl who had hip dysplasia for 6 months after birth, complained for months of growing pains in her legs (and made me carry her around the house), and stayed atop Rob’s shoulders during all travels. She now says she loves to run as fast as she can!


Mostly, we did lots of relaxing and playing around the house.

One of us also played on stage.


That same one of us also played with new lighting equipment.


Someone turned 11 and gladly took over the reigns planning her party with so many lovely ladies.


Easter was a hit.


Getting back on a bike was a personal feat and Nate rides better than ever, beginning to best his dad.


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