Rob’s New Office!

Last November Rob called me with some great news. Someone at work had moved, leaving an office open and available for the taking. Rob jumped on the chance and started working in it right away, staking his claim before clearing it with anyone. After a couple of days of camping out in it he got approval and now he has four walls and a closing door. How exciting!

One of the first things that popped in my head when I heard the news was, “Ooh, can we decorate it?!”

Rob initially didn’t think decorating was necessary even though he is working in that box all day, every day. He should feel good and comfortable and confident, right? And how could you possibly feel those things when you’re trapped somewhere that looks like this?

I mean, it’s not Aleppo or anything so I suppose it could be worse…but it could also be a whole lot better.

Ideas swirled. Initially I was thinking of a midcentury engineering office look (slide rules, perpetual desktop calendar, wire basket full of rolled-up plans) as ode to Rob’s grandfather. Max Williams was a water engineer back in the heyday when engineers ruled the world and every mother wanted her son to grow up to be one. He travelled the world getting pipes and damns up and running in places that had never before had them (Iran, Indonesia, etc.). Grandpa Williams inspired Rob to become an engineer himself so Rob keeps grandpa’s name plate, engineering stamps, and his vintage survey level on display as an ode to his legacy.

IMG_3948 (1)

Anyway, as much as Rob loves his grandfather he wasn’t feeling the midcentury vibe. It just isn’t him enough and that’s fair. My next idea was one that he got excited about. SPACE! Since Rob’s a space and sci-fi nut (with a dash of fantasy) we decided to head that route.

Now, only a few of the offices in his building are “decorated” and the ones that are simply have one wall painted and that’s about it. We pushed the envelope and painted two walls. Rob chose the daring color. Since these pics were taken on two different phones on different days, the paint color doesn’t match. In person the color is more mid-dark blue with a hint of gray. Also, the furniture isn’t so glaringly orange. Dumb phone camera pics that are hard to edit properly…


The lamp was left in the office from its last inhabitant and Rob decided he really like its warm, homey glow so it stayed. We both loved the modern, spacey look of his new clock. The globe was mine when I was a kid and works perfectly here. I helped him arrange the stuff on his bookshelf, including the vintage brass train/boat lights and a concrete core and a basalt core among other random things. He keeps drumstick pencils on his desk. Someone shamefully swapped his large tree for a small plant on the floor by the window.


To add his personality into the decor, I suggested we scatter memorabilia from his favorite movies around the place. He’s got:

  • Sirius Black wand
  • R2D2 mug
  • Interstellar poster
  • Quote from Gimli (Lord of the Rings)
  • Star Trek Engineering insignia magnet

He rounded out the casual, “not-too-decorated” wall decor with two of his favorite space pictures. The eclipse as seen from his camp location in Idaho and The Hubble Ultra-Deep Fields photo. The image shows almost 3,000 galaxies in a region 5-10 billion light-years away from us…all in the equivalent area of looking through a straw at one spot in our night sky. Absolutely blows the mind to think about it. He loves that. He says it reminds him that “I’m not the center of the universe.”


Oh! I almost forgot about his fourth wall. There is a white board on it and Rob insisted on hanging a large map of the Mullerthal area we hiked in Luxembourg (even though it doesn’t match the “theme”. I conceded haha).

When it was all finished, he realized how much better it will be to work in his new “space”.  People walk by and give complements and when they enter they always notice something fun to talk about. It’s a warm, comfortable, inviting office that can be a haven from stressful working situations. Congrats on the new orifice (oops, typo…) office, babe!

Kid Bathroom Redo with Herringbone Tile

Post Precursor: I’ve ALWAYS wanted herringbone floors, but now that I finally do, EVERYONE has them! Whatever…

After we did the master bathroom a year ago I got the itch to redo the kids’ bathroom. It was super dark and they didn’t take very good care of it. K, that’s a lie. They took terrible care of it. Half of my intent on redoing it now was to give them incentive to keep it cleaner. I’m happy to report that it’s working! Granted, it’s only been a few weeks, but I’m (foolishly) optimistic that this will be a long-term change for the better.

Rob convinced me to let him install a light above the shower (I was unnecessarily unsure of his electrical abilities). It’s always been really dark in their tub so Cara always insisted on bathing in ours because she was too scared of hers. Now her fear is gone and so are the piles of toys in our bathroom!

Back to the floors. Pretty, huh?! I can’t say enough about how great a job Rob did installing these beauties. Sometimes I love being married to a perfectionist.


Okay, so let me explain the cat situation we’ve got going on here. Obviously, the last thing I wanted was a cat-themed bathroom. However, my kids insisted so I went to work and made it as presentable as possible. Trust me, this is quite toned down from their ideas! I do have to admit that it turned out pretty cute. They helped to choose this picture of their very own beloved.

For extra credit points, I surprised the kids with this super silly little decal. They were thrilled of course. Man, are we cool over here or what?

Is it weird that, other than the floor, my favorite things in here are the wooden hooks? Hence the two pictures of them. Natural minimalism at its finest.

For the hardware, we went with a curved shower rod, paw hooks, and curved cabinet pulls.

Whenever I redo a bathroom I insist on a new toilet flusher. You have to admit that it makes a huge difference in the look and feel of the entire room. Another insistent…a toilet paper roll holder that is open on one side. I hate the hassle of squeezing that annoying plastic springy thing which just asks for the toilet paper roll to inevitably get set on top of it instead, which then falls and unrolls all over the floor. What…this just happens at my house?  

I even like how the room looks with just the one light on at night.

My only BEFORE picture from when we moved in:

Thanks to Rob for both the hard labor and the encouraging words whenever I got stuck down the rabbit hole of decor decisions.

Home Decor: Master Bath Update

After 6 weeks, we’re finally here. The big bathroom reveal!

Here is the reason. I lived with this for almost 6 years. 
For Christmas, I couldn’t think of anything I wanted more than new bathroom tile. 
The week before Christmas I just couldn’t wait any longer so Rob and the kids demolished the floor. 
Then Christmas came. Then I got sick. Then came New Year’s. 
Then I had to hit pause until I figured out a couple of decorating dilemmas. 
Then Rob was doing a lot of overtime at work. Then Rob got sick. 
So…yeah…SIX weeks later and the tile/paint/hardware update is finally complete! Phew!
This was a bit of a toughy for us. First of all, I’ve had my heart set on hex floor tile ever since we lived in a vintage apartment downtown 10 years ago. Well, hex tile was way over my budget. I then thought about using patterned tile because I loved the look from our trip in Mexico. 
Turns out patterned tile was also way over my budget. 
Finally, I settled on Octagon and Gray Dot tile. It was in budget and still has a vintage look to it.
Rob has done tile a couple of times before but this mosaic style was rough. The pieces weren’t set on a mesh backing but instead were held together with dollops of superglue. Rob and I are both quite particular and NONE of the spacing between the individual tiles were uniform! ARGH. 
Rob worked his hiney off trying to get perfect spacing but it was just impossible because the product wasn’t put together well (at all) in the first place. Is that what we get for buying tile within our budget? Luckily the finished look is so pretty that you don’t really notice the uneven spacing. 
We ended up over budget anyway just because the mosaic tile took a LOT of grout. 
It also took three different tubs of grout to find the right color. 
WHY don’t they sell samples of grout???!! Come on, people!
I hung our Eiffel Tower painting here for now but we will be replacing it with a more modern frame and print after our next trip. I already have an idea of what I want so now I just have to wait to find it.
By now you’ve noticed my walls are pink. Yep. They are. 
(The ceiling above the toilet is actually white but it doesn’t look like it in this pic.)
I don’t consider myself very girly and no where else in my house sports a feminine look. 
That’s why I thought it would be fun to do something a little different and paint this room a 
vintage-y, dusty/gray pink. Well, remember the decorating dilemmas I mentioned? 
This was one of them because the walls turned out way less 
dusty/gray and way more cotton candy then I had anticipated. 
The funny thing is that I was planning on doing white walls and just the ceiling would be pink. However, at the last minute I decided to try the pink on the walls and loved the color so much 
that I decided to paint all the walls with it and switched the ceiling to white. 
…We were more than halfway done when I realized the color was off…

Depending on your monitor/screen settings, my walls will look more or less pink to you. 
In person, the pink is actually pretty subtle.
I was pretty annoyed because we were already way behind on getting this thing done. 
That’s why I just kept on painting, hoping it would turn out ok. It didn’t.
I hated it but after about a week it dawned on me that if we just change the lightbulbs
to a cooler temperature then it should make the pink tone down to an acceptable level.
Sure enough, it worked! 
The walls in the toilet room still look a bit pink-ish because it’s a small room 
but it’s not so bad that I think “PINK!” every time I walk in.
The other decorating dilemma obviously had to do with the orange-y wood vanity. 
I had my heart set on NOT painting or refinishing it. 
I was hoping it would play more “vintage” and less “out-of-place” 
but I’m not sure that’s the case. 
I didn’t want white (too sterile), I didn’t want more gray, and I didn’t want something too dark. 
I also wanted to keep a touch of warmth in the room so after weeks of indecision 
I decided to cut us both some slack and leave it for now. 
I’m sure we will change it at some point but that point is not now.
‘Cuz we are d-o-n-e.
In our “before” bathroom the towel rack was across the room from the shower and so we’d have to remember to grab our towel before we hopped in. If we didn’t, we were left yelling for someone to get us one or we had to hop out dripping wet to get one ourselves. 
Super annoying! 
It was obvious that I needed to put hooks right next to the shower. It wasn’t obvious that we would end up with the perk of heated towels since they are hanging right above the heater vent. Score!
Everyone says air plants are the best because they are so low-care and last forever. Well, mine don’t. I’ve had many and they keep dying on me no matter where I put them or how I water or not water them. This is my remaining one and we will see how it does here 
with the humidity on the ledge above the shower. 
I used Wayfair for my hardware and was pleasantly surprised at the quality! 
These knobs were a steal but feel very hefty. I will definitely shop there again. 
I added the longer drawer pulls to the upper fake drawers of the vanity 
so we could hang hand towels conveniently. 
Here’s another Wayfair purchase. So pretty but I’ve gotta say… not so easy to clean. 
I really do love the finished bathroom. It’s so much lighter and brighter and happier.
I’m really grateful for all the work Rob put into it. 
This one took it out of us a bit so it might be a little while before we start another project.

Home Decor: The Library

When we walked into our future home for the first time and saw the open loft with builtin wall-to-wall bookshelves, we were sold. Done-zo. Done dealio.

A quick 5 years later and we have finally decorated our beloved space. Bad Julie.

Obviously the books are the stars of the show here. I’ve written a few posts about the thousands of books we have read, the process of collection, some interesting stats on them, and the hilarious Part 1 and Part 2 of Rejected Books: So Bad, Yet So Good.

I painted the back of the bookshelves a dark slate blue and put an Ikea gold clip light over the overstuffed chair (which came from my late grandma’s house). One adult and all 3 kids can sit on it at the same time with one on each arm rest and one laying on the top of the backrest. Cara also likes to tilt the lamp so it shines behind the chair in a little dark corner so she can read back there.

I wanted a bright, fun pillow and had this fabric and decided it works with the colorful children’s books.

I bought fabric to sew drapes but decided they were too dark and heavy for the space. It gets a lot of natural light but I need to keep the blinds shut most of the time because of the glare on the computer screens. My sister bought these drapes for her house and changed her mind but they couldn’t be returned. I tried them and they look great.

This is the happiest hanging house plant I ever did see. I have always loved hanging plants. They help fill in corners and are out of the reach of pets and kids. You can even see it from our front door downstairs and makes the whole space look more homey.

We desperately needed a new office chair. Our old hand-me-down was broken and dirty and hurt my back so we threw it out and I used Rob’s drum throne for a couple of months. I finally decided I needed to stop being so cheap and go get a comfortable chair for me since I write here every day.

This one is wonderful. It makes me want to curl up in it and fall asleep (which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it). It’s this Serta chair from Office Depot and I recommend it. They have a higher back version as well.

The desk is huge and dark and not one that I would buy myself but it was my brother’s. When he bought it long ago I remember him being so proud of his new fancy office furniture. Then, not long after that, he sat at his new desk and planned his own funeral. Ahem. Sorry. So where were we? Okay. The desk is huge which works out because we can store all of our unsightly junk in it without needing extra shelves or filing cabinets so it’s actually nice in that way.

Rob wanted two monitors and after using them together for a couple of years now I can’t imagine ever going back to one. It’s so handy having so much work space!

I wanted as much desktop space as possible so I had Rob fashion a shelf on the side of the desk tucked away in the corner for the printer.

We have a lot of space underneath the desk so that’s where we hid the subwoofer. There is also the footstool I bought when Nate was potty training. I’m so short I don’t like having my feet dangle.

I decided to keep the negative space above the desk. I’m sure having nothing there would bug a lot of people but I embrace it.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with the wall space around the desk. I had lots of more modern ideas but then I brought home this mirror from Ikea, just to see how I liked it, and decided to keep it.

We really needed a desk lamp but I didn’t want it sitting on top so I searched all over online and found about a hundred sconces that I loved but then I saw this one in the store on clearance and the price was unbeatable so I grabbed it.

The trash can is from Pakistan, I think, when Rob’s grandparents lived there long ago.

The drums are gorgeous and match the woodwork exactly so they stayed but Rob did downsize them a little for me. Such a gentleman.

Even though a mirror is so predictable, I felt like we needed something reflective on the wall to capture the window light and direct it into the room without it messing up my screen time. Now I can’t imagine the space without it. I feel like the wall would look dead and flat without that extra depth and window light reflection.

We’ve always loved hanging out in this room but now we love it even more. It’s so comfortable and feels very inviting.

Rob really wants to pretentiously call this room “The Library” but I’m not sure he’ll be successful. We’ve been calling it “The Loft” for so long now that it’ll be a hard habit to break.

Home Decor: Laundry Room

Little by little we are making our way through the house projects. The laundry room wasn’t on the top of my list to fix because, well, laundry rooms are boring. But can I start over by saying that calling this laundry room a “room” is quite inaccurate. It’s actually a laundry “walk through.” Let’s start at the beginning…

When we walked into this house for the very first time I couldn’t believe that anyone would place the laundry far, far away from the bedrooms on our 2nd floor. “You mean I have to drag baskets of laundry all the way downstairs, through our living room, family room, and kitchen?” I said to myself and anyone else listening. I wasn’t happy about that but what I was even more unhappy about was the size of the space I had to work with. The room measured EXACTLY the width of our side-by-side washer and dryer and almost exactly twice as wide. On top of the teensy space, it was located between the doors leading from the kitchen into the garage, with both doors opening inward into the “room” and actually overlapping. Are you kidding me??

I WISH I had a before picture ’cause it was bad. Instead, let me give you a mental picture: Laundry happens. And where does that laundry go while doing it? On the floor. Oh, I forgot to mention that we don’t have any closets of any kind on our main floor. NONE. Why? Who knows. So piles and baskets of laundry plus vacuum, broom, mop, cleaning supplies, washer and dryer all in a 5′ x 6 1/2′ room with two doors opening into it from two very high traffic areas. Hmmm.

(I drew this lovely pic on the iPad but forgot to include a mop and vacuum stacked in front of everything. The stuff on top is stuff falling off of a narrow shelf. I’m a very talented artist…)

This does not make sense. Yet we made it work for 4 1/2 years until our dryer decided to cost more to repair than it was worth. Then we got a hand-me-down dryer that had been in storage and that, too, decided not to work.

In comes stackable! YES!! Look how purdy!!

I hummed and hawed for a while deciding whether I should buy just the dryer and replace the washer at a later date when it was needed but in the end I splurged and got both. I know, crazy for me as I’m definitely more of a “use what you’ve got” kind of gal.

We already had the rug from Rob’s grandparents’ time in Pakistan and the colors are perfect. (Can you see my 1 unpainted toenail? How embarrassing!)

Since the rug is more traditional and the washer/dryer more modern I decided to blend both styles together in my storage area.

I’ve always loved train racks and I finally got some. These are from Ikea and are actually really sturdy! I am left with enough floor space to put a couple of laundry baskets (or piles) there without blocking the flow of traffic. What more could a girl want? Maybe to move the plumbing and electrical behind the washer and dryer? Maybe one day.

This cute hanging is from a friend and it’s perfect here, clothespins and all!

So my cramped, cluttered, awful laundry walk through has transformed into a beautiful space that WORKS! It even looks nice when the door is left open for all to see. I couldn’t be more excited. Can you tell?

Home Decor: Hallway

So hallways shouldn’t be a big deal to decorate. They’re small and you basically have to hang something on the wall, right? Well, I have this thing about hanging things on my walls that have no personal meaning to our family. I can’t just buy something random from the store and put it up. It has to have a story behind it. Therefore, my hallway remained pretty bare for way. too. long.

I obviously have way too much patience for bare walls. I’m pretty sure it’s an outward manifestation of how crazy I am inside my head because looking at this calms my mind…

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

So how happy was I when we received a gift from Rob’s grandma? VERY! She gave us 3 beautiful frames full of butterflies that SHE caught in Indonesia and mounted. They are stunning. And perfect for our nature-loving family (even if it did require a little murdering of innocent, brightly colored insects).

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


The medallion on the wall is also from her collection from her Pakistan (?) days. It’s so beautiful and I love how all the light bounces around the textured surface.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

(Someday I’ll have my carpet re-stretched.)

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Now, it also took me way. too. long. to decide how I actually wanted the hallway painted. I knew I wanted something minimal since it’s surrounded by busier walls. I mocked up about 20 versions but in the end decided to leave the side walls and the walls around the corner as-is. Around the corner are 4 doors…the kids bathroom, 2 bedrooms, and the linen closet. It’s too small and dark for more dark paint and it would’ve had a striped effect with the small strips of wall in between all the doors.

As far as the paint color goes, it was leftover from our downstairs bathroom and I knew it would look beautiful behind the gold frames. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but it’s a deep navy.

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I’m not sure why it took me so long to finish this little space but I’m glad it’s finally done!

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A New Table Flow Chart


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I purposefully wanted some mismatched stools. I don’t yet have enough seating for when the table is expanded. But even at the smallest size, it feel so expansive to us!

We ordered these stools knowing they were a bit too tall (in the pic below they look taller than they actually are). We will be sawing off a couple of inches so they fit the table a little better. We just love them so much that it is worth it. They are SO comfortable which was my #1 priority. I hated my last chairs and couldn’t sit in them for long at all.


Underneath the table does look a little “busy” but comfort and clean-ability trumps. They wipe right off! No crevices for food to get stuck in! Speaking of clean-ability, feel free to ignore the dishes in my sink…


If you’re in the market for furniture or decor, I ordered these from France & Son. They have really great stuff. Much of it is kind of pricey but these stools were on sale for 1/2 off which made them doable since the table was so cheap. Rob and I are both impressed by their quality. I initially only ordered 2 thinking they’d be used on the ends of the table but we all kept fighting over who got to sit in them. We may end up ordering 2 more at some point but I reached my budget and like how this looks.  Oh, and they were shipped mostly intact! All we had to do was screw the seat on top of the legs. Phew! Since when don’t you have to put the whole dang thing together yourself?

Home Decor: Nate’s Bedroom

We finally finished Nate’s room. It’s not fancy.

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From his old room he shared with Madeleine came the drapes, banner, rock portrait, and nightstand (the white label on the drawer says “Pokemon Cards”).

I was a bit emotional as we put together his bed. I vividly remember the night we first put it together as his crib. We did it way earlier than we needed to because I was feeling all nest-y. Then it was a crib for Madeleine. Then a toddler bed. Then a crib again. Then a toddler bed again for Caroline. Now it’s come full circle. It made me feel all sentimental and a tad sad.

Nate Big Smile 8 months

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Then one night I was at the store and came across a Salt Lake Real Soccer blanket and decided it was perfect for the color scheme. Plus, Nate’s a big fan.

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I’ve always been curious about knit jersey sheets so that’s what I bought. Overall, they’re really comfy and warm. They do collect hair and lint, though.

Now. This bedspread. This makes me sound really lame but I’ve been saving our holed jeans for, get this, 8 years in order to have enough scraps to make a bedspread. 8 YEARS! Why would I do that?? I don’t know… But I did. I won’t again.

When I told Nate the plan he wasn’t at all interested in having old jeans as his blanket, understandably. But once I finished he loved it. Inside I put an Ikea down alternative duvet so this blanket is heavy but comfy.

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After seeing how well the cute painted stripes turned out in the girls’ room, I had lofty idealizations of what I’d do on Nate’s walls. I mocked up a bunch of ideas and Nate and I decided on a really cool grid.

But guess what? It didn’t happen. I bailed. Too much effort + not enough energy = me humbly begging Nate if I could back out. And guess what else? He didn’t care. Even a bit. What can I say? He’s a boy. Thank goodness.

So we hung back up the world map and called it good.

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We got creative and made a fun little geometric mobile to hang in the corner.

He likes to hang pictures and posters all over his wall so I decided to hang up a few cork boards for him.

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The cat is the perfect finishing touch for this tiny, not-terribly-impressive but nice-enough room.

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Home Decor – Girls Bedroom

When I was young my mom gave me the opportunity to decorate my own bedroom. She was good about things like that. Your bedroom can reflect your identity and she let me decide what I wanted to reflect. It was so fun! My first go-around I chose a pastel pink daybed with a pink rose and green-leafed comforter and shams. The walls were a very pale pinkish white with a high red shelf high running the length of the wall. On it was a china tea set from one grandma and a collection of porcelain dolls from my other grandma. My carpet was minty green to match the green leaves on my comforter of course! A few years later when I redecorated I still had the green carpet and pink daybed but changed my comforter to a minty green and white checkered and decided to paint the walls the same minty green because I had read that it was a relaxing color. So that made for one very green girls bedroom! But I loved it and, yes, felt very relaxed in it!

Before before

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My girls moved in together over a year ago and we just got around to making their room cute. Like my mom did, I let my girls have a big say in the decorating. Caroline didn’t show much interest so Madeleine took the reigns, happily. I did have to put my foot down in the beginning because she was insisting on dark purple and black stripes. The room has a north window so their room is already a little dark so I didn’t want a dark paint job. 

In order to get to a decent color scheme I took pictures of a couple of sheet sets and let her decide which one she liked the best. These were $15 each from Costco. Then I bought two $5 flat sheets from Walmart and an Ikea comforter. I sewed them all together. I don’t believe in top sheets for kids. Ridiculous. (Cara is hiding behind the pillow)

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Madeleine decided on turquoise and white stripes for the walls. I was hoping to convince her to stripe just one or two of the walls for ease but it was a non-starter. I was nervous that it would end up looking like a Dr. Seuss room but instead it looks so cute! I should’ve trusted her judgement. We also needed to paint the ceiling white since it was a warm beige color.
Rob was the star of the stripes brigade. Leave it to an engineer to make sure everything is measured correctly. He also has WAY more patience than I do so I gladly left it to him, even though it took a full few days worth of work. I would’ve had it done in one but then Rob wouldn’t have been able to walk into the room and handle seeing imperfect stripes.

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This vanity was Rob’s sisters when she was young and has been passed down. It is always full of the latest craft project. The black already coordinated with the sheets so I just needed to change out the bench fabric.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
I didn’t want to cover up what little natural light that comes in the window so I just got $5 sheers from Ikea and cut them to length.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

We added pink paper pom poms and $5 clearance Target string lights. The shadows on the wall are fun.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug 

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For the final wall I had decided to gift Madeleine a paint set, easel, and some canvases for Christmas. She wants to be an artist so I thought it’d be a great gallery wall for her. I’m excited to see what else she paints.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
I also reorganized their small walk-in closet (nothing too special so no pictures) and in it hung this painting by my grandma to cheer it up.

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So that’s their new room. I think it’s absolutely adorbs.

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PS. I was hoping that having a cute new room would inspire them to keep it more tidy. Not the case. 
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Home Decor: Porch Update

I already showed my porch a while ago but after revamping it a little I decided to post an after after. That doesn’t make any sense…

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

(Phone pics follow. I’m getting so lazy that I only take out our big camera for special occasions. Tsk, tsk. Everything looks really bright blue and orange in the pics but the colors are more toned down in real life.)

So our concrete kept peeling and peeling and was getting really bad. The concrete work has already been redone once so we were thinking about our other options. We settled on the cheapest, quickest, and easiest. A rug.

(Grow little tree. Grow! My second tree perished earlier this year.)

IMG_2567.JPGIt’s amazing how just putting a silly rug in a space makes it feel so much bigger and better! I wanted our porch to feel more like an outdoor sitting/gathering room rather than just an entrance/exit point. We did pay for that square footage, after all so why waste it?  Our family (and the entire neighborhood) go in and out so many thousands of times a day and I wanted the space to be welcoming and comfortable. We always hang out here sitting and chatting and watching the kids play.


I shopped for what seemed like forever for a 5-foot bench in my price range and style. The metal ones seemed flimsy so I decided on wood. Many of those are flimsy, too. But I finally found this bench on Amazon. It’s still lightweight but it’s stronger because there are many small wood slats running width-wise instead of a few long strips running length-wise. It was exactly what I wanted except they had discontinued the gray color, which is the one I fell in love with. I found a different black wood bench that I liked but it was a more traditional style and I was worried that I’d have too much matchy-matchy black on my porch. After a few more weeks of humming and hawing Rob finally convinced me to just order the dang thing in this color instead. When it arrived I didn’t like the color and felt like it was too orange and too warm for the rest of my decor but decided to live with it. I kinda like it now.


I like to make my own pillow covers. The plan is to make two new covers for each holiday or season. These are for Thanksgiving.


These sticks are not my favorite. I bought this as some of my very first home decor 9 years ago. I desperately needed something tall or on the wall in this corner but haven’t really liked anything I’ve come across. So I took this out of my living room (finally giving me an excuse to go buy a large floor lamp) and stuck the sticks here. They’re old and raggedy. Let’s just call them a place holder.


Caroline was so sweet to peel of the “g” from my sign on the door. Now, depending on my mood du jour, it is read in a southern accent or urban slang.

It gets so cold and windy up here that I’m considering of getting an outdoor heater to put out here.

Thanks for taking a tour of my porch.