A New Table Flow Chart


Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


I purposefully wanted some mismatched stools. I don’t yet have enough seating for when the table is expanded. But even at the smallest size, it feel so expansive to us!

We ordered these stools knowing they were a bit too tall (in the pic below they look taller than they actually are). We will be sawing off a couple of inches so they fit the table a little better. We just love them so much that it is worth it. They are SO comfortable which was my #1 priority. I hated my last chairs and couldn’t sit in them for long at all.


Underneath the table does look a little “busy” but comfort and clean-ability trumps. They wipe right off! No crevices for food to get stuck in! Speaking of clean-ability, feel free to ignore the dishes in my sink…


If you’re in the market for furniture or decor, I ordered these from France & Son. They have really great stuff. Much of it is kind of pricey but these stools were on sale for 1/2 off which made them doable since the table was so cheap. Rob and I are both impressed by their quality. I initially only ordered 2 thinking they’d be used on the ends of the table but we all kept fighting over who got to sit in them. We may end up ordering 2 more at some point but I reached my budget and like how this looks.  Oh, and they were shipped mostly intact! All we had to do was screw the seat on top of the legs. Phew! Since when don’t you have to put the whole dang thing together yourself?

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