Kid Bathroom Redo with Herringbone Tile

Post Precursor: I’ve ALWAYS wanted herringbone floors, but now that I finally do, EVERYONE has them! Whatever…

After we did the master bathroom a year ago I got the itch to redo the kids’ bathroom. It was super dark and they didn’t take very good care of it. K, that’s a lie. They took terrible care of it. Half of my intent on redoing it now was to give them incentive to keep it cleaner. I’m happy to report that it’s working! Granted, it’s only been a few weeks, but I’m (foolishly) optimistic that this will be a long-term change for the better.

Rob convinced me to let him install a light above the shower (I was unnecessarily unsure of his electrical abilities). It’s always been really dark in their tub so Cara always insisted on bathing in ours because she was too scared of hers. Now her fear is gone and so are the piles of toys in our bathroom!

Back to the floors. Pretty, huh?! I can’t say enough about how great a job Rob did installing these beauties. Sometimes I love being married to a perfectionist.


Okay, so let me explain the cat situation we’ve got going on here. Obviously, the last thing I wanted was a cat-themed bathroom. However, my kids insisted so I went to work and made it as presentable as possible. Trust me, this is quite toned down from their ideas! I do have to admit that it turned out pretty cute. They helped to choose this picture of their very own beloved.

For extra credit points, I surprised the kids with this super silly little decal. They were thrilled of course. Man, are we cool over here or what?

Is it weird that, other than the floor, my favorite things in here are the wooden hooks? Hence the two pictures of them. Natural minimalism at its finest.

For the hardware, we went with a curved shower rod, paw hooks, and curved cabinet pulls.

Whenever I redo a bathroom I insist on a new toilet flusher. You have to admit that it makes a huge difference in the look and feel of the entire room. Another insistent…a toilet paper roll holder that is open on one side. I hate the hassle of squeezing that annoying plastic springy thing which just asks for the toilet paper roll to inevitably get set on top of it instead, which then falls and unrolls all over the floor. What…this just happens at my house?  

I even like how the room looks with just the one light on at night.

My only BEFORE picture from when we moved in:

Thanks to Rob for both the hard labor and the encouraging words whenever I got stuck down the rabbit hole of decor decisions.

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