September Escapings

Provo River Falls

It’s somewhat of a tradition of ours to drive up to Provo River Falls on Labor Day each year. It’s beautiful and so much fun to play on all the different levels of water. I think this will be a tradition we’ll all always cherish.

Snow Canyon State Park

We got away for a weekend in September and drove to our namesake canyon for a little nature r&r. We love the quiet beauty of this area and are always happy to come partake of it.

During the morning and evening hours we:

  • Played in the dunes
  • Hiked a small slot canyon
  • Explored the lava fields and climbed down into a lava tube
  • Found an arch
  • Climbed to the top of the rocks

We escaped the heat of the day by:

One story…Rob and Nate brought their bikes but during a campsite move, Rob leaned his disconnected bike wheel up against the front bumper of the car. We drove to the trail to drop off the boys but when Rob went to get his bike down, he realized he left his wheel back at camp. When we got back there, his wheel was still there laying on the ground but, without realizing it, we had run over it and bent it too far out of shape for repair. 

Snow Canyon, we love you. Never change and please always be there waiting for our return, because we shall.

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