Home Decor: Nate’s Bedroom

We finally finished Nate’s room. It’s not fancy.

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From his old room he shared with Madeleine came the drapes, banner, rock portrait, and nightstand (the white label on the drawer says “Pokemon Cards”).

I was a bit emotional as we put together his bed. I vividly remember the night we first put it together as his crib. We did it way earlier than we needed to because I was feeling all nest-y. Then it was a crib for Madeleine. Then a toddler bed. Then a crib again. Then a toddler bed again for Caroline. Now it’s come full circle. It made me feel all sentimental and a tad sad.

Nate Big Smile 8 months

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Then one night I was at the store and came across a Salt Lake Real Soccer blanket and decided it was perfect for the color scheme. Plus, Nate’s a big fan.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I’ve always been curious about knit jersey sheets so that’s what I bought. Overall, they’re really comfy and warm. They do collect hair and lint, though.

Now. This bedspread. This makes me sound really lame but I’ve been saving our holed jeans for, get this, 8 years in order to have enough scraps to make a bedspread. 8 YEARS! Why would I do that?? I don’t know… But I did. I won’t again.

When I told Nate the plan he wasn’t at all interested in having old jeans as his blanket, understandably. But once I finished he loved it. Inside I put an Ikea down alternative duvet so this blanket is heavy but comfy.

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After seeing how well the cute painted stripes turned out in the girls’ room, I had lofty idealizations of what I’d do on Nate’s walls. I mocked up a bunch of ideas and Nate and I decided on a really cool grid.

But guess what? It didn’t happen. I bailed. Too much effort + not enough energy = me humbly begging Nate if I could back out. And guess what else? He didn’t care. Even a bit. What can I say? He’s a boy. Thank goodness.

So we hung back up the world map and called it good.

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We got creative and made a fun little geometric mobile to hang in the corner.

He likes to hang pictures and posters all over his wall so I decided to hang up a few cork boards for him.

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The cat is the perfect finishing touch for this tiny, not-terribly-impressive but nice-enough room.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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