My Kitchen Want List

Here is a shot of my kitchen.

These are the linen drapes I made for our sliding glass door. The colors are my inspiration for the rest of my décor.


I already have a mirror that I just need to paint.
Vintage Green Faux Bamboo Framed Mirror
We have a giant wooden spoon and fork to hang on the wall I would paint high gloss white…if I decide to use them.
I have a similar fruit basket I’m going to paint green.
I have a similar wall scroll I’m probably going to paint green, also.
Below are things that I don’t have, but would love to add.
White subway tile backsplash.
Wm. F. Holland/Architect/projects traditional kitchen


Stainless steel or white vintage style scale.


Large glass jars for my baking ingredients.


Vintage style spice tins.


A bold, colorful rug like one of these.


Maybe I would go with a farmhouse table.


And two benches and two chairs.


Upholstered with this fabric.


And a centerpiece along the lines of these for our cupcakes, cookies, etc.



I don’t know or even care if this light clashes with my above items. I’m IN LOVE with edison bulbs in round glass fixtures. Ooh la la.
I’d pay big money for this…but at the sound of 1000 big ones I’m just guessing it’s not going to happen. 
Maybe in a few years the style will debut at Ikea?


If the above light just doesn’t work with the rest of the kitchen, maybe…just maybe…I’d be able to settle for something like this.

Meridian Pendant - Sundance : lights unique lighting lamps conical hand-blown lighting unique Meridian pendants


I may be way off with my styling. What do I know about decorating and design? 

I can at least incorporate a few things immediately and then work towards incorporating a few other items
…except the light…
gonna have to find a less beautiful, less inspirational, and less costly version.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed a peek into my dream kitchen.

3 thoughts on “My Kitchen Want List

  1. I love your ideas and color scheme. My sister in law is an interior designer and might be able to score some of those accessories for cheap if you want me to have her keep an eye out. I'm so excited to get to decorate a new house again!

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