Colorado Blvd

Denver is different than I was expecting. Quite different, actually. I was thinking it’d be similar to SLC but it certainly is not. Here’s what I’ve noticed so far.

It’s bigger than I thought it would be.
It’s very dirty.
The drivers are very pleasant.
The whole metro area is on a grid, but downtown is on a grid diagonal from everywhere else. We got totally lost our first night when we didn’t realize this.
King Sooper’s is a weird name for a grocery store chain.
Lots and lots of Ross stores.
Lots and lots of liquor stores.
The traffic lights are loooong.
LOTS of churches. I’ve seen tons of different churches in Missouri and Pennsylvania, but I wasn’t expecting it in Denver. On one church’s sign it read “Progressive Christians in a Traditional Setting.”
I’ve driven up and down Colorado Blvd a few times and think it’s interesting. I bet it was a silky, shiny new boulevard back in the day. Today it’s run down. On my drive today I thought I’d snap some pictures with the ipod while stopped at traffic lights.
I edited them on the ipod’s Camera+ app using a retro feel, since most of the buildings were built a few decades ago.

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