Jujitsu Padawan


That is quite an intimidating opponent! In early August Nate and I observed a Japanese Jujitsu class. He saw all the kids doing rolls, punches, blocks, and kicks. Nate didn’t want to participate that day because he didn’t have the proper clothing. So he borrowed karate clothes from his Uncle Kelly (from when Kelly was a kid). I think he looks quite sharp in his gi, don’t you?


After getting the gi, Nate literally jumped in. They do a lot of jumping and rolls in his form of martial arts. Nate really had a fun time being in the class.

You may have noticed Nate’s end of summer hair style. I think it works with the gi.

Nate’s classes have since come to an end with the new school year. We want him to try a few other sports next year. We’ll see what sport/martial art he chooses in the long run. We are very proud of him.

The last two photos were edited per Nate’s instructions. I hope you enjoy all the pictures. They can be downloaded from this gallery.

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