Ghettocation – Fairview Edition

Rob is working on a dam project. This dam project is taking place at Electric Lake, Utah (near Scofield). Seems the dam dirt is at risk for liquefaction during a dam earthquake. Dam engineers…  🙂

SO, the kids and I joined him for a couple of days last week and a couple of days this week. There’s nothing like getting away from the mundane of every day life by going to an even more mundane place. We stayed in Fairview at The Skyline Motel the first night. The pictures online did it too much justice.

Now THIS is a welcome sign and is sure to put any guest at ease. After all, no one would DARE to do anything dangerous or illegal with the threat of not getting a refund.


Everything was grimy and the kids just didn’t GET that. They’d roll around on the filthy carpet, drop their toothbrushes on the old bathroom floor, and touch everything. Here they made an obstacle course by strewing all their belongings across the floor and then jumping on them. They also thoroughly enjoyed spinning in the chairs while I got dizzy watching.

The luggage rack always has been and always will be a top-notch form of entertainment for our kids.

As will opening all the plastic cups.
Cara made sure to make herself right at home.
After not sleeping most of the night because every time one of us moved the plastic bed cover screeeeched and screeeeeched, I was “awoken” very early by a rooster saying something more like “Aaaahhh-yoooooooo-uuh” rather than cock-a-doodle-doo. It took me a while to realize what form of beast was making such a sound on the other side of the window above my head..
We walked across the street to breakfast, daring to jaywalk rather than walk 15 feet to the crosswalk, much to Rob and Nate’s trepidation.  Their wife and mom is such a rebel!
Nate and Rob liked the bacon and Madeleine and I enjoyed Utah scones.
Thank goodness for creamers, jelly boxes, sugar packets, and salt shakers for keeping my kids busy while waiting. Am I right parents?
Caroline wanted me to take a picture of her doing this. 
One night was all we could handle of this motel so I found a rental house nearby. Jackpot! It was so nice!! Clean. Check. And clean. Check.

While driving we encountered a herd. Click on the pic or here is the Video link.


One night we drove into Mount Pleasant for pizza. Nate was fascinated at the graffitied tables and couldn’t understand why 1) someone would scratch the tables up like that, and 2) that anyone could say such a thing! 

We just had so much fun that we couldn’t stay away and the next week drove down again. This time we stopped at the Spanish Fork River Park, but not before almost running over some sort of large rodent on the freeway. 
Playing Catch the Water.
We parked next to these bundles of cardboard behind a restaurant. Nate said, “I sure hope they plan on recycling these. Otherwise, I’ll literally be very disappointed that we came here and saw all this waste.” Seriously. That kid.
As a side note, I got him a book of idioms from the library and now he uses them whenever he remembers, much to my amusement. For instance, if Cara gets mad at him because he is trying to help her buckle her carseat and she wants to do it herself, he’ll say, “Sheesh. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, Cara!” I laugh every time and he smiles.
We had some good root beer floats and after convincing Cara to give it a try (she hates tasting new things) she said, “I want to get one for me Nexterday!” I love that word! I’m going to start using it myself along with Lasterday.
The kids were hoping we’d find a museum. They think small town museums are terribly fun. Their favorite part was the rock and gemstone display. I have no idea why my kids are SO.INTO.ROCKS. but they truly are. One day I’ll be sad that looking at and collecting rocks no longer enthuses them. It’s been a big part of their lives so far. I know, I know. We’re just one big happy family of nerds.
The 2nd floor of the museum was an art gallery and I was quite impressed with the collection. They had some fantastic paintings and sculptures, some by well-known artists that are unknown to me, but their posted bios were impressive 😉
And what’s a trip to a small town if you don’t drive through the small town’s cemetery? On the way some type of antelope or deer hopped away from us. Madeleine intelligently named it an “antedeer”. 
After the cemetery we found a large church parking lot so that the kids could practice their driving skills while sitting on my lap. I have fond memories of doing this when I was a kid.
We tried to go golfing, but despite being there during the posted open times everything was closed and locked up. We also tried to go horseback riding but that didn’t pan out either. Kids and parents were disappointed. 
By far the highlight of the trip (obviously) was taking the bikes and letting the kids ride them up and down the empty lane in front of the house. This was so exciting because Madi learned how to ride a two-wheeler! It was so fun to watch her keep trying and eventually succeeding. Go, Madeleine! That’s my girl!  
Overall Trip Rating: Better than Delta.

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