2014 Questions (Kid Edition)

Every year (and sometimes more often) we sit everyone in the family down and hit them with a series of questions. The goal is to record a little bit of their life, personality, and mannerisms in a way that can be looked back on and reviewed in a quick and fun way.

This year I got some nice audio recording gear for my birthday so our setup changed a bit. We used our Nikon D7000 on a tripod for the video and scratch audio. Then I setup a large diaphragm condenser mic (AKG perception 200) hooked up to garageband using the scarlet 2i2 interface. I pulled the video into garage band to cut out the scratch audio and insert the audio from the condenser mic. Worked like a charm.

The depth of field was a bit too shallow since the kids were moving around so much (I’ll fix that next time) but otherwise having them face the window light, and using the audio from the condenser mic really made for a nice product. I was quite pleased with the outcome. And now without further delay (click on the titles if you can’t see the video boxes)…..

Caroline’s Questions:


Madeleine’s Questions:


Nate’s Questions:


Hope you enjoyed these and we know our family will for years to come.

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