Big Surrrrr – Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

We made it down to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and took a nice stroll to the waterfall lookout and then to the coastal lookout. Well worth our time as we enjoyed the breathtaking vistas!

Walkway Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park North Side of the Park

For lunch we stopped at one of the only places to eat in the area and what a place it was. Eating lunch here and relaxing with this view was THE top moment for us during our trip. It was just so, so perfect. Rob loved the homemade lemonade, amazing macaroni and cheese, and the warm sunlight.

Restau View from the restau Table

Take a look at what we saw on the way out. It made me chuckle.

Dog at the Table

We made a two-mile roundtrip walk to Andrew Molera State Beach. It was windy and we really wanted to head to the redwoods so it was a quick stop.

Andrew Molera State Beach 1

That’s when we drove to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. So peaceful. We both loved walking along the paths, smelling the woods, and being among the tall and beautiful trees.

Rob and a Tree Julie in a Pose Couple Julie walking in the forest

After visiting the gift shop, face-timing the kidlings, and driving back to Monterey in the dark we ate dinner at Hula’s Island Grill, a funky place. Rob LOVED his fish and I LOVED my 7-layer coconut cake.

The next morning we took a little walk around the pier drinking in the sunlight and enjoying each other’s company. On the way back to SFO we drove through the woods and through part of silicon valley. We had such an amazing trip and can’t believe it took us so long to finish blogging about it!!

Water Pier Pano Rob & Julie

Thanks again to Rob’s parents for everything. We had an amazing trip and it was all thanks to their willingness to watch the kids. The kids had just as good a time with their grandparents as we had without our kids 🙂

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