My Day in New York City

A few weeks ago I was asked to head to New Jersey for a work assignment just outside Jersey. It was a short visit; however, it is not everyday that you are this close to NYC so I extended the trip for an extra afternoon to visit the island. Julie did her usual magic to suggest a few places to visit in the short amount of time I had available. She did a marvelous job and I had a great time that afternoon.

I flew into JFK on Monday evening and stopped in Brooklyn for some pizza. I found a coal-fired pizza place about 400 feet from the Brooklyn Bridge that was excellent. I then went west to my hotel in Jersey. The Brooklyn Bridge was under construction that evening so I traveled to the island on the Manhattan Bridge and went slowly over the island on Canal Street. It was all kinds of interesting to that road at night with all the buildings and traffic. Loved it.

Street Near Parking Garage

I worked in New Jersey the following day and had a successful business trip. I booked my return flight for wednesday evening to give me a chance to visit the city for a few hours earlier that day. My first stop was at Rockoffeler Center.

The Rock Skyline View Window

This one looks like Gotham City to me.

Gotham South Skyline North Skyline The Rock Art

So clearly the roof was very touristy but still a fantastic way to see the city. Loved it. Great way to see the favorite buildings. My next stop was St. Patrick’s Cathedral that was right next door to the Rock. The cathedral was under heavy construction at the time but remained open which created an interesting experience. Check out the photos below.

Door Cathedral 1 Cathedral 2

Next stop was Grand Central Station and oh what a stop it was! It took me a little while to find it (weird I know). It was a sight to behold at every turn. Such a beautiful building that remains so functional to this day. What treasure indeed!

Clock Main Area Main Area Pano Central Clock Me Viewchip Clock Food Court

Next Stop was New York City Public Library. This also was an incredible building. A great place to stop. The photo below reminds me of the one in Ghostbusters.

Ghostbusters Lion Name of Building Key Entry Stairs

After my visit at the library my time was spent and it was time to find my car again. Parking for the afternoon was a measly 45 dollars (Ouch). I made my way to the airport and came home to me family just before a major snow storm hit the east coast. What a great trip.

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