Recurrent Nightmares

I woke up this morning after having a bad dream. It was similar to a bad dream I’ve had many times before. I tend to have recurring dreams. They aren’t necessarily nightmares, but scary nonetheless. I thought it’d be interesting to write these down. I was able to think of 5 off the top of my head that I’ve had over and over over the years.

1) Being chased by a Tyrannosaurus Rex
When I was little I had this a handful of times. I’d be running away and hiding under a table or in someones old house and the super scary dinosaur would follow after me, slowly peering around corners and under things in order to find and eat me. A few times one of my siblings purposely gave my hiding spot away and he found me. Thankfully I would wake up right after that. This dream took place long before I saw Jurassic Park.

2) Getting left somewhere by my mom
I was really little for this dream, too. I’d be out shopping or something with my mom and she would leave me. Sometimes accidentally, sometimes on purpose.

3) Running in slow motion
I will be working so hard to run away from or to someone and my legs are dreadfully heavy. I’m moving in slow motion. I try and try for a long time without much success. It’s exhausting.

4) Endless stairs and elevators
I’ve had this dream many times over the last few years. I’m always trying to get to the right floor of my office building but I can never seem to get there. I take multiple stair cases and elevators but it’s an endless maze.

5) Best friends only
In this dream Rob and I are best friends and have been for years but he never wants to commit to marriage. We have a lot of fun and are absolutely perfect for each other but when I broach the subject and wait for a positive response, he always breaks it off. He wants to date other people and see if he can find someone better than me. In real life, Rob hates it when I have this dream and always reassures me that he’s so happy he married me 🙂

I don’t really want to go into possible interpretations of these dreams. I don’t necessarily believe that all dreams have deep meanings. I’m sure some of them do, but who am I to say which ones do and which ones don’t? I think they are mostly just telling me that I needlessly think and worry too much sometimes. And even though I hate having bad dreams, I love that after I wake up and lay my head on Rob’s chest, he’ll put his arm around me and I feel so much comfort and safety from him that it makes me fall peacefully back to sleep.

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