A Most Wonderful Day

During Spring Break I took the kids to Temple Square for the day. The weather was perfect, the flowers were in bloom, and we had so much fun seeing the sights. In many ways I miss being there every day like I used to but I have to say that spending the day touring around there with my children sure beats working at my desk.


First we walked through the Joseph Smith Memorial Building passing through an empty, fancy ballroom while singing, “Why have a ballroom with no ball?” 🙂

As soon as we walked out the doors Cara looked up and excitedly yelled, “The temple!”


As we rounded the corner to the back side of the temple I stopped my kids and told them all about Rob’s proposal to me on those very steps. Now look what my “yeeees!” has turned into! So amazing.



We had a scavenger hunt to complete and visited the South Visitor’s Center, Assembly Hall, Tabernacle, and North Visitor’s Center to see the Christus statue.



After a snack in the shade we went to the Church History Museum and visited my dad’s ship before playing in the children’s exhibit.


We walked to the Conference Center waterfall and took a peek inside the huge auditorium. This was just a couple of days after we had watched General Conference on tv so the kids immediately recognized it.


Then we got a drink at Brigham Young’s home and enjoyed being surrounded by lovely flowers.


Next we went up, up, up to the top of my old place of employment. I haven’t been back in years and it brought back all sorts of memories, mostly fond :), of my years there. We had fun looking at the city and our old apartment from above. Then we had ice cream in the Nauvoo Cafe before heading home.


Many things in the city have changed since I lived there but the one thing that hasn’t changed in the slightest is the beautiful spirit that is felt on Temple Square. I know the temple is the Holy House of my Lord. I know that he loves me. I know that my children are His children and I know they felt that during our visit. This day I  spent with them in this special place will always have a wonderful place in my heart because I felt really, truly happy and really, truly grateful to my Father in Heaven for all He has done for us.  


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