Big Surrrrrrr – Film Edition

A few months ago I received a Mamiya C220 film camera from my grandfather which I wrote about previously in this blog post. It was a while in coming but I’ve finally got a few images to share that were made with the camera. These images are from our recent trip to California. I hope you enjoy them and I’ll share a little about each one.

Fisherman’s Warf in Monterey, CA

Fishermans Warf

I took this photo of the pier from the shore south of the pier. I love the idea of buildings over water; the thought is illogical but it is sure a lot of fun. It was a hazy day so the sky is blown out but I love how the reflections in the water also vary from dark to light shades.

Boats on the Pier

This one was taken immediately opposite the photo above from the end of the pier back to the shore. The textures of the wood, water, and steel boats were wonderful.

Stroll on the Warf

This photo is fun because it was taken early in the day when not many people were on the pier.

Big Sur, CA

The Coast

It is kind of hard to talk about these photos. So much of the coast looks like this. It is difficult to know what area to photograph. I love the dark tone of the water against the towering continent. So cool.

Julie Pfeiffer Burns

This one was taken looking north in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. What an amazing place! It was wonderful to spend this time with Julie and a blast to break in my new camera. Thanks Grandpa!

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