California Vacay: Redondo Beach

Finally! Our last California Vacay post. You know, most people write about their vacation in a single post…I’m not sure why it takes me ELEVEN!!! I suppose I should write less and take fewer pictures. Naaahhh.

On our last morning in California, Carol packed us a wonderful picnic lunch to eat on the road. It was so sweet of her to take care of us like that.


Before we left town we stopped at the Redondo Beach Pier. It was still very cold and windy and was pretty much shut down and deserted.
We still enjoyed walking around and watching the surf.







We took the kids to see all the various live seafood in tanks ready to be eaten. Madeleine didn’t like this so much.
She was afraid the crabs and other animals would crawl out of the tank and get her.


We wandered into a shop and paid $5 for us to see a real but dead great white shark. It wasn’t as impressive a display as I thought it would be.
Pretty cheesy setup they’ve got going.


After this we piled into the car and headed to Henderson, Nevada where we stayed the night. I think we’ll be staying in this area from now on.
It’s nowhere near the downtown area but still right off the freeway. It’s new and clean and quiet.

Then the next morning we headed home. I don’t remember too many details. See, this is what I get for taking over 3 months to document our fun.
Oh, well. We had such a nice time together as a family on our vacation, especially during the Disney portion! We will never forget that part! I’m so glad Rob and I decided to go with the kids this year instead of a couple vacation to New York. But next year…NYC here we come!

One thought on “California Vacay: Redondo Beach

  1. I love your photos! They're really beautiful.

    I'm writing on behalf of the KEEN Recess Team. Recess is a rallying cry for kids and adults to get outside and make their own playground. It's inspiring to see all your adventures with your family! Thanks for sharing your stories.

    KEEN Recess Team

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