California Vacay: Los Angeles

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On this day, the weather was terrible. The beach was out of the question as was anything else outdoors. I had wanted to visit the The Getty Center museum. Rob and I were going to switch off enjoying the art while the other played with the kids in the beautiful gardens but with the weather so bad, the kids couldn’t play outside, which meant Rob and I couldn’t go inside. I was disappointed.

We ended up going to the free California Science Center in the morning. It was kind of cool. The exhibits looked like they had seen better days. Everything was just getting a little old. Also, there were hundreds of students there on field trips. After we did our thing, Rob and Nate set off to get the parked car in the downpour without an umbrella. They arrived back drenched and freezing.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

We then drove through the city making our way up to the Griffith Observatory. We drove through sketchy streets upon sketchy streets before getting to the beautiful drive up the canyon. The observatory is known for two things: the telescopes and the view of the city. Well, we got their and the building was encased in fog. No operating telescopes and no view. I was definitely annoyed at this point. However, after having a very engaging conversation with Mr. Einstein, I cheered up.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

By this time, the fog had let up some and we were able to wander outside on the deck in the drizzle to see the view. Aren’t these two the cutest?!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

After this we drove to the coast in Santa Monica and loved the ocean view back down to Manhattan Beach. We made a quick stop in Marina Del Rey and watched the pelicans dive into the water for their dinner. It was so fun to see them fly, aim at the ocean, fold in their wings and stretch their necks, then splash into the water. It was still very cold outside so we mostly watched from the car.

We had dinner in Manhattan Beach at a French restaurant that was disappointing, both in cost and taste.

By this time we headed back to the Kiefer’s home, put the kids to bed, and watched a movie with Danny and Carol.

Despite our failed plans and the weather, we still had a nice day in Los Angeles.

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