My New Mindset

I feel like my blog has turned into nothing but pictures with captions. Not that that is a bad thing. But sometimes I forget to blog other aspects of our lives that don’t get photographed. You know, the not-so-camera-ready aspects of life. I used to do more ranting and soapboxing on here but as I have matured to the ripe old age of 30, I’ve decided that I want to limit that side of me a little more. It brings out my ugly. I’m trying to focus less on what I’m lacking and more on my blessings, less on what drives me crazy about other people and more on their beautiful individuality, and less on the drudgery that can be daily life and more on the sweet moments.

So, although my old me may have been a little more entertaining to read, especially during my ornery pregnancy months, my new me cares more about not offending and being more grateful. I still have annoyances and worries, but now they just aren’t as proclaimed which, in turn, seems to diminish them. It’s a win!

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