No More Baby

My baby had her 1st birthday.


The night before, she just happened to wake up at night and needed some rocking. There I was, in the dark, rocking my baby. Then came the slight breakdown. Mine, not hers. I love her cheeks and her nose. I love her toothy smile and her chuckle. I love her all over from the top of her messy hair (since she pulls out any barrette I try to place in it) to the bottom of her arched feet (the only one of my kids with them).

She loves playing with her brother and sister. She thinks she should be able to do everything they can.

She loves her blankie. It’s the one we wrapped her in at the hospital. She sleeps on top of it and and carries it around wherever she goes, if I let her. She hates when it drags on the floor. She wants it all up in her arms.


Caroline is normal in height but drops off the chart in weight. She doesn’t like whole milk. For now we are mixing half formula and half milk and making sure it’s warm so she’ll drink it.


She had a birthday party where she had many loving family members attend. She loved all her gifts

including the wagon her dad and I bought her.


Here is her red velvet cake.




Happy birthday, Caroline. Your family sure loves you!

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