Lab Results

Sigh. Once again one of my kids had to have blood work done. This time it was little Caroline. She had her 12 month checkup last week and is far below what she should be in weight. The doc wanted her to get some testing done so we obliged even though I wasn’t worried whatsoever. Anyone who meets her knows she is a happy, healthy little girl who just has her mom’s petite-ness.

Her first poke was horrible. After fiddling with the needle in her arm for at least a few minutes until she bled out, the second arm was tried and the needed blood was obtained. Poor thing.

I heard back from the dr and the results weren’t as reassuring as I thought they would be. The results were:

Protein: borderline low
Vitamin D: too low
Liver enzymes: slightly high
Alkaline phosphatase: normal level = 50-130. 200 is high. Caroline’s is at 403.

Explanation: Caroline is so undernourished that her bones are breaking down.

Sad smile

Caroline loves her formula, warm, in a bottle. She hasn’t been keen on the idea of switching to whole milk. I’ve even tried it with Carnation Instant Breakfast. She’s not interested. She does eat a variety of food, but mostly about 6 bites and then she is done. No more. Unless it’s cookies.

My plan of attack is simple. Hide as many nutrients in cookies as humanly possible. Sure, not an intelligent solution that has staying power through the years, but for now I’m just trying to get her little body to grow. I’ll worry about the other stuff later. 

The doc also prescribed her a vitamin with iron and vitamin d at 1 1/2 times the normal dose. She’ll get checked again in three months.

All this seemed to fly out of the doctor’s mouth. Seriously. I was barely following along. At the end of the conversation she asked me if I had any questions. I had barely been able to process anything at that point. So since hanging up, internet-ing,  and thinking about this all night I pretty much just have one question.

Is she SURE it’s malnutrition? I can handle that. But I don’t want to be treating her for it and three months later find out that we’ve been treating the wrong diagnosis. There are quite a few diseases that can cause the number in her alkaline phosphatase to be so high. Diseases that are much worse. Diseases that aren’t cured with cookies.

But for tonight, I’m done worrying. We’ll pick back up tomorrow with a reassuring call to the doctor and a run to the grocery store.

2 thoughts on “Lab Results

  1. oh boy Julie. I can't believe she's such a grown up girl. Sorry about the lab work. I think it's a good idea if your gut says to ask about other options to ask. I did the same thing with max's headaches, I had a gut feeling that it could be his heart. I asked – our dr did some tests – checked it out and it turned out that I wasn't right, but now I know. I would ask if for no other reason than for a little piece of mind. If you need some ways to hide nutrients in food a great cookbook is deceptively delicious. Also for protein you can substitute beans straight up for egg and oil. I make breakfast cookies all the time substituting with beans and adding different purees of veggies – let me know if you want to borrow the cookbook for if you aren't took grossed out by the bean thing I can tell you more about it. In the mean time good luck.
    Also I got your sweet card – thanks so much. I would like to take you up on your offer when things setting down a little. thanks

  2. Oh, how scary for you! She looks totally normal and healthy to me but I would go with the cookie idea too if I were you. Good luck!

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