Rob’s cousin Nicole and her husband Mike stayed with us for some days in August. We had fun spending time with them and getting to know them a little better. Nate and Madeleine especially ate up the extra attention.

I’d been meaning to take us to visit Bingham Canyon Copper Mine for a couple of years now and finally took the opportunity while they were with us.


I love how Madeleine is “reading” the sign.




One of the things I enjoyed about visiting the mine is that I learned a little more about the project Rob is working on for Kennecott. He is helping in the design of ……..something with the tailings facility and preventing slope failure in the event of an earthquake………

Ok, maybe I didn’t learn that much. Some time he needs to blog about exactly what he’s doing because I can never quite grasp it.
But anyway, here he is playing in the gift shop!

Thanks, Mike and Nicole, for coming to visit us!!

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