Two Stories About Nate


I have two wonderful stories about Nate that had to be recorded here on the blog at all costs.

First, Nate is a big hugger and it is common to receive a hug from him a couple of times per day. So the other day when he walked up to me for a hug I didn’t suspect a thing. He didn’t have a silly or excited look on his face either. I had no idea what was coming. Just before settling in for a hug, he spins around, sticks out his bum, and plants a giant fart right on me! I couldn’t not believe my son! We all completely broke down laughing. Completely hysterical!

The next story happened tonight and it wasn’t the first time either. After the kids finished reading books for the night he walked 50’ out to the loft and made this request, “Dad, will you please come turn of my light? I’m too tired to lift up my arm.” Awesome!

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