Various Notes to Have Documented

Creative title, no?

This post is dedicated to emails that I want saved in our family blog.




Today during sacrament meeting Nate asked me if he could bear his testimony. I said that to bear his testimony he needed to say what he knew was true about Jesus Christ and the Church.  He told me that he knew that Jesus was real. This was a great moment for me. I told him that we would practice during family home evening and that he could bear his testimony soon in primary or maybe even sacrament meeting.  He would prefer to do it in sacrament meeting.  Unfortunately, I didn’t help him recognize the spirit because it didn’t occur to me at the time.  I’ll be sure to do it during FHE. Rob




I sure love you. I REALLY appreciate all the time you spend with the kids. It gives me “refresh” time and they just love you soooooooo much!!! You’re a wonderful, involved dad and there’s no better out there. You’re also a caring, sweet husband who lets your tired wife sleep as much as possible. Sorry I’ve been somewhat neglecting you lately. It’s not on purpose. How about we have a beautiful and quiet night together on Sunday.  Sounds nice, huh? Let’s do it. Let’s spend some good husband/wife time together without distractions. I promise to be less selfish and more giving to you and the kids. Love you with all of me!!! Julianna


Thanks for the nice note Julie.  I understand how tired you are.  You are growing a baby after all!  Sunday sounds great! Love, Rob




Julie: Thank you for all the work and love that you put into our family!  I love you for all the big and little things you do, for you care, for your sacrifices, for your love. You are an amazing woman, AMAZING! Love,  Rob




Rob, We really had a lot of fun with Nathan. We understand the sacrifice and the trust you placed in us. He is a wonderful traveler, so mature. He found many ways to entertain himself while on the long drive. It was great to see Joseph and Nate play together. Joseph never would stop smiling. Nathan has so much patience and loved to show Joseph just how things worked. He literally would lead Joseph by the hand. We were so impressed how special, smart and kind he is. We were so overwhelmed. We wanted to share our experience with your young Son with you on Sunday. But things were a little rushed. Sometimes words fail to express feelings. We spent the whole trip smiling and laughing. What a Joy he is. What a wonderful child to start your family. We know he will be a great example to Madeleine and the rest of your family. Just the way you have always been to ours.  Love Bob



A short list of times when I have found myself incredibly in love with my you, my husband:
Our first drive down to St. George.
Hearing you converse in French in France.
Listening to you serenade me “Angel” for my birthday.
Reading books to Nate and making faces with Madeleine.
Anytime you’re in a suit.




Julie, I cannot express to you the kind and tender feelings that I hold in my heart for they are beyond compare.  I hope your hand feels better really soon!  As I have begun my wonderful life with you, I feel my love and devotion for you increase and develop without bounds.  Your smile, companionship, and endless love make my heart melt like fondue and my heart to swell with joy. I love you and our love will never fail. Never. I cannot begin to convey the deep bond that I feel with you. My Lifeforce is bound up in you. I love you.  Rob

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