My Baby is a’Rollin!


A month ago the orthopedist told us that surgery would very likely be in Caroline’s future. Her hip wasn’t growing into its socket well and she told us that we’d have one more month to see if it starts to corrects itself, but there wasn’t much of a chance that would happen. Well, after lots of prayers, a fast, and a priesthood blessing, we returned to the doctor last Friday to hear the news. And I quote, “I don’t know what you did differently this month, but whatever it was, it worked.” Caroline’s hip is almost perfect!! She doesn’t need surgery. She doesn’t even need to continue wearing her harness except for at night. She has been healed.


The doctor may not know how this happened, but we sure do. Our prayers were answered. Heavenly Father heard us and healed our little girl. Sure, things wouldn’t have been the end of the world if she needed an operation and a cast for a few months, but this way is better, no doubt. I’m so thankful my Heavenly Father saw fit to bless our little girl. She is so much happier and kicks her legs like crazy and loves to eat her little toes.

Harness, schmarness!! This baby can roll!

4 thoughts on “My Baby is a’Rollin!

  1. Yay!! I am so happy that things turned out so well for you (and for her)!

    Next time you are up this way drop Nate off for awhile. Isaac is missing him.

  2. This is really the most wonderful news I have read. I have been thinking of her so much. Love, Great Grandma Maria.

  3. Such great news! She is such a beauty! I love the toe-grabbing stage…our little one is doing the same. So fun!

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