Caroline’s Bad Day

We were all sick last week but a few days ago, Caroline took a turn for the worse. After seeing her miserable for a day or two I knew she didn’t just have a simple cold, she needed to see a doctor. We drove up to Layton to her pediatrician (we haven’t changed yet) and she was tested and diagnosed with RSV. The doctor pretty much said to watch her and have her oxygen saturation level tested in 24 hours. Since she had an appointment at Primary Children’s Medical Center the next day for her hip dysplasia, I could just have her checked there.

Caroline’s oxygen saturation was too low. The doctor said I could check her in there or at the IMC in Murray. Since we live a lot closer to Murray, I decided to drive her down there. The hospital required me to check her in through the ER where they made her screaming mad by hooking her up to to all kinds of monitors and getting and ekg and xray taken. Poor, poor little thing!!

 Photo0286 (2)

After a few hours of monitoring and Cara’s level dipping down too easily when she wasn’t on the oxygen, the doctor decided to have us transferred to the Riverton hospital because they have a better pediatric unit. So, by ambulance we went (just so she could have access to oxygen if she needed it).


We stayed the night just to be sure she was over the hump and then we were able to come home today. She’s still sick, but she’s able to breathe. She should be fine in a couple more days. It was scary for a few minutes, but I new my tough little girl could handle it. She’s so brave!

Caroline’s other bad news has to do with her hip dysplasia. Her right hip still hasn’t grown all the way into its little socket. There seems to be too much fatty, fibrous tissue preventing it from doing so. Her doctor said there’s a good chance she’ll have to have surgery in a month or two and then have a cast put on. She already hates her harness. Whenever we take it off she kicks and smiles and talks and plays with her feet. Then she cries when it’s time to put it back on. I hate to think about her going through surgery and a cast.

I want to express gratitude to my Heavenly Father for all the doctors and other specialists my family has visited over the years. Thank goodness for people who care about their work, and more importantly, their patients. Without them, our family would have many, many more difficulties because diagnoses never would have been made and prognoses would have been poor. Instead, things have been caught and are being treated, thus giving us a happy, healthy future.

4 thoughts on “Caroline’s Bad Day

  1. Oh my gosh Julie! I am so sorry. That picture just broke my heart. Keep me updated on how everything goes. Hang in there.

  2. I hated it when Adam was a newborn and was admitted to PMC with an IV and all those monitors! I'm glad she's home now!

    You can certainly tell she is the sister to Nate and Madeleine! She looks just like them! 🙂

  3. Nothing is worse than a sick little child (and especially a baby). Glad to hear she is doing better. Hope everything goes well with the surgery and such. She is such a cutie. Miss you guys.

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