My Trip to the Mall Today

The baby screamed in the car the whole way. I was pulled over for speeding because there’s nothing better for a cop to do than pull over a mom of 3 going 6 miles over the speed limit while driving up a hill. Baby still crying. Fed baby in parking lot. Nate coughed up a lung in play area. Walked to the food court to get a drink. The kids see a carousel. $1.50 cash only. I only have 75 cents. Kids fight over which dumb little car ride to spend my 75 cents on. Dumb little car ride eats my quarters. Baby crying. Get kids lemonade. Nate drops lemonade.  Drive home with baby still crying.

We had SUCH a great time!

3 thoughts on “My Trip to the Mall Today

  1. I agree with Andrea-that is why I stay home all the time too. It's just not worth it most of the time. What a good mom you are to go out anyway!

  2. Oh dear! Lame cop! These stories are a good reminder for me of why I stay home 99% of my time when I have a newborn.
    Here's to better days!

  3. Im sorry! What a day! I had a day like that yesterday too. What's with these crappy days lately??? Heres to happy kids, drama-less, stress free days! Hope today is better for you!

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