Caroline’s Blessing

Caroline Maria Snow was blessed by her father, Robert Wayne Snow II, on November 14th. It was a beautiful blessing given to a gorgeous and very special little girl. Some of the things she was blessed with are that:

  • She is a pleasure to have in our family.
  • She will grow up and enjoy our family and home. That they will be a source of love and peace.
  • She will read the scriptures, pray, and have a special relationship with her Heavenly Father and have trust in Him.
  • She will look to her Heavenly Father to find herself and He will be a source of confidence and trust.
  • She will seek education and benefit from it.
  • She will seek to find the right man and raise children in love and faith.

I’m so, so grateful for Caroline. She brings us joy. I’m also very grateful that my husband holds the Melchizedek Priesthood worthily and can give our family blessings from our Heavenly Father directly to us. These blessings are a source of strength and love. I love my family and am ecstatic to be sealed to them forever. The Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. I feel it deeply. I know it.


Cara with her cousin Kaylee who is 9 days younger. Another cousin. Allen is almost 1.


Caroline and me with my younger brother Mark and his daughter Kaylee.

One thought on “Caroline’s Blessing

  1. Thank you for all the photos of Caroline and the Blessing for her. It was said so beautiful and I hope that everything will happen that way. She is a beautiful child and I think that Mark's is also. I hope everyone is well. Take care. Love, Grandma Maria.

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