Little Caroline is a sweetheart, don’t get me wrong. But seriously?! She requires holding, canoodling, bouncing, rocking, walking, and feeding for all of her waking hours. I finally get her to sleep and the slightest stir wakes her into wide-eyedness for another couple of hours. Then I start all over from scratch. Mind you, this is all day long most days. And just when I think it can’t get worse, the evening comes. She’s three times worse from 6pm to at least midnight. EVERY night.

She isn’t colicky and once she’s completely asleep after midnight she sleeps well. But all day and evening she’s high maintenance. All my newborns have been like this. The other two grew out of it eventually, but that won’t be for another few months.

Good thing she’s cute.

Fam can see a few more pics here.

3 thoughts on “Seriously?!

  1. She is very cute! Getting them to sleep is the worst! Sarah has been a very light sleeper too and it is especially hard with other kids around to keep quiet during the day. Good luck, and this stage will be over before you know it.

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