On My Mind


Rob’s company has submitted a bid for a job in Miami (something having to do with underwater tunneling for cables). If they win the bid, we get to go to Miami for several months. How fun? And how perfect? We’d be able to rent out our house and save all that money for our new house. I’m trying to not get too excited since it may not happen, but it’s hard. I can feel the sea breeze now…


I hate lunch. When I worked I loved it. I got a break from work, ate with friends, and had a multitude of culinary options already cooked and waiting for me to choose among. Whatever fit my fancy that day is what I ate. One of my favorite things in the world is to eat al fresco at a restaurant I’ve never patronized before.

Fast forward to the present time and lunch is no longer a break from the daily grind. If anything, it’s more work. Besides preparing the kids’ food while juggling the baby, there’s just never anything to eat that hits the spot. It’s usually PB&J or 3-day-old leftovers. That’s on a good day.  

On the plus side, about twice a week Rob gets to go to new restaurants for “meetings” and then tells me about it. Blah!! Actually, I’ve noticed that he tries to hide it from me now because he knows how jealous I am.

Throwing Up

Two things I feel when my children throw up are helplessness and paranoia.


Mom. Mooom. Mom? Mooom? Mom?! Moooom? Mom. Mooom. Mom? Mooom? Mom. Moooom?! Mom. Mooom. Mom? Mooom? Mom?! Moooom?!

Besides all the momming, Nate talks about all kinds of things. And talks. And talks. And talks.

All the live long day.

One thought on “On My Mind

  1. I totally agree about lunch (and meals in general). I've started hoping there is no food in heaven-and I really love to eat-because I am so tired of deciding what to fix, buying the stuff to fix it and cleaning it all up day after day after day. It would be so much easier (and my house would be cleaner) if we didn't have to do all that.

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