Fraulein Caroline

This is our little Fraulein Caroline in her brand spankin’ new Lederhosen (as Rob likes to call her hip harness).

Her left hip bone never formed into her hip socket so this lovely device shall be worn for 6-8 weeks until she is all properly socketed. She doesn’t seem to mind too much except it prevents her from being properly swaddled, which is how she likes to sleep. I don’t mind it much except it prevents me from feeding her while I sleep in bed. Boo!

I crack up every time I see this picture. She looks just like her dad!! Can’t you just see her personality forming right before your eyes?












This is her smile! SO cute!!

4 thoughts on “Fraulein Caroline

  1. Yes, she does look like her Dad except for all the wrinkles on his forehead ! I think she will be a little character. M.

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