1/2 Birthday

When my brothers and sisters and I were young my dad started the tradition of 1/2 birthdays. He felt that waiting a whole year for a birthday was just too long for a little kid. This meant that 6 months after our birthday we would get a small gift (usually about 5 bucks worth) and a dessert of our choosing after dinner. It was so awesome I decided I wanted to continue the tradition in my own family.

Madeleine had her 1/2 birthday in September. She went to Jungle Jim’s a few months earlier for her cousin’s birthday and had been asking EVERY day since to go back. So that’s what we did to celebrate her turning 2 1/2. The dessert she chose? Chocolate cupcakes with m&ms on top.

Here she is flying her spaceship.


Madeleine, cousin Jordin, and Nate on the roller coaster.


This makes me laugh. Around, around, and around he goes! He gets his knack for driving from his dad 😉


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