Decisions, Decisions

We haven’t sold our townhome yet. We haven’t even had a showing in weeks. Neither has the other townhome down the street. We’ve had it for sale now for almost 6 whole months! Bad market. Bad, bad market. But that’s exactly why we want to buy a new home. The deals are fantastic!!! So it’s frustrating.

We’ve decided to take it off the market for a little while so we can refinance. The interest rate is just too killer to pass up. Then we can pay off some debt and save more money for our eventual down payment.

The next question is…do we want to rent out our townhouse??? With the market being so poor we aren’t expecting to make much equity on our sale anyway. We’ve never been landlords before so that makes us nervous. But these babies rent quickly and we’d be able to get into a new house sooner.

We’d rent it for not much more than the apartments down the street (INCLUDING the HOA!) and these are MUCH nicer. So does anyone know someone who may be interested??? 

Basic Info:

1400 sq ft
3 bedrooms
2 1/2 bathrooms
Super great community and neighbors!!

Here’s the link to our MLS page which shows more info.

4 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. Ugh, I see you've dropped the price again. We're facing the same dilemma in the future I think. I agree that the deals on homes now are too good to pass up. It's just the little issue of getting rid of the current house! I have no advice…just commiserating with you!

  2. Julie & Rob,

    You have a very interesting dillema. I have no idea what that feels like, but if you need anything or have any questions you know how to reach me. Otherwise, good luck.

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