Welcoming Caroline


I’m not big into TMI so don’t worry, this story doesn’t contain unpleasant details that no one really needs to know 😉

Thursday, the kids and I met Rob at Gardner Village after work, had a pleasant dinner together, and wandered around looking at all the festive Halloween decorations. Afterwards, we dropped the kids off at their Grandma and Grandpa Snow’s house for their sleepover so Rob and I could relax and get to the hospital early the following morning. Our induction was due to start at 8am. But while we were watching a cute romantic comedy (Letters to Juliet) I got a phone call. My nurse midwife was very sick and couldn’t deliver our baby the following morning! Bummer! So we rescheduled for Sunday morning.

The next two days were ones of sitting around and waiting. We had finished everything and cleared our calendars so there was literally nothing to do. Finally, Saturday night came and we went to bed excited and super nervous for the following morning. As it turned out, I woke up at 2:50am with my water breaking! I woke up Rob and we were somewhat frantic trying to decide what to do. I wrapped the sheet around me and headed into the bathroom only to find out that the whole thing had been a dream!! It seemed so real! Haha.

Sunday morning we headed to the hospital and got settled in. It took longer than I had wanted it to take to get my epidural. Like the anesthesiologist said, “We don’t get root canals without anesthesia, why would you go through the pain of childbirth?!” Heck, we don’t even get a cavity filled without it! I’ve always felt that way but especially this time since the epidural has improved so much in just the last couple of years where I could move my legs the whole time! I could feel everything except the pain! OH, HOW GLORIOUS.

Waiting to find out the sex of our baby was fun and it heightened the anticipation. It made the moment so exciting! I was about 75% sure my entire pregnancy that I was having a boy, so it really was a shock to me that I had been carrying a girl the whole time. 

Caroline Maria was born on at 12:41pm. She weighed 6 lbs 10 oz and was 19 in long. She is so beautiful!!


Unfortunately, during her routine checkup it was discovered she has significant hip dysplasia in both hips (her hips didn’t form in their sockets properly). She’ll be getting an ultrasound next week and will probably be placed in a Pavlik Harness for 6-8 weeks. The doctor assures us it doesn’t hurt now or once she’s in the harness. We’re just overjoyed that it was caught so early. If it hadn’t been, it would cause serious problems with walking in a few years and would be much more difficult to treat. Thank goodness for modern medicine!!

As for me, I’ve never felt better after having a baby! I even left the hospital a day early which I never would have thought possible. I’ve taken nothing but Ibuprofen.

The kids have welcomed Caroline open-armed and love her like crazy! Madeleine stressed out to tears when Rob took Caroline to the doctor for a check up. She didn’t want him to take her back!!


We are still working on getting used to Caroline’s sleeping schedule (or, more accurately, waking schedule).  But it’s all working itself out and our little family couldn’t be more happy for our new, sweet, special, loving, beautiful, amazing baby girl.

These are some cute unofficial portraits I took of our daughter while still in the hospital. We look forward to taking her official newborn portraits tomorrow!


Family can see a few more pictures here.

4 thoughts on “Welcoming Caroline

  1. Hi Julie and Rob: I am so sorry to hear about the hip dysplasia that Caroline came to the world with. I am sure that this can be fixed since it was found out so early. You have some good doctors in Utah.
    I put a line or two in the “comment” line but I am not sure if it shows or disappeared like the others I did. I hope it stayed.
    I think all the pictures are great and she is for sure the sweetest and cutest little girl. Love, Maria.

  2. She's absolutely precious Julie! I had the hip problem as a baby and back then the design of the brace wasn't so great and I kept getting out of it so my mom ended up double diapering me and the problem corrected itself. I'm so glad everything went so well for you!

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