My Little Madeleine

My daughter Madeleine loves to swing and ride her bike. So when Julie and Nate were out doing other things, Madeleine and I grabbed the camera and ran for the playground. She has such a cute personality and many of you don’t get to see it because she is a little shy. I really love this polka-dot dress she is wearing in these photos and think it goes perfectly with her whimsical hair. Here are a few pictures of her on the swing. 

Now for a few images on her bike.  She was so excited to get this bike and loves it so much.  Having the handle on the back has been a life-saver for me also!  Her legs are just long enough to keep a rotation going but not to actually pedal very far.  I love her playful looks and smiling eyes!

She likes to go just as fast as her brother sometimes.  Her she is doing some extreme tractoring!  Go Madeleine!

I love her so much!  She is such a cherished part of our family!

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