Kayenta Art Village

During our wonderful stay in St. George and following a failed attempt to visit the Joshua Tree National Monument, we decided to visit the Kayenta Art Village.  The community is based on creativity and the display of art. We saw some interesting pieces displayed along a nice quiet pathway.

We came across a stone labyrinth that provided minutes and minutes of entertainment.


Alas, it ended in tragedy…

Our visit ended in the community center where various studios and cafe’s are open to the masses.  Too bad that they were all closed when we visited.  The images below should give you a flavor of the place. Julie made all of these images. 

These sculptures rotated in the breeze making beautiful patterns.

A quick one of me sporting the beard.  Admit it, you love the beard too!  🙂

And a cute one of Julie and the kids!

Did I mention Kayenta is situated at the feet of some amazing cliffs?

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