Why, hello there 2am. Nice to see you….AGAIN.

Itching, twitching, restless legs PLEASE relax!

It’s so hot in here!

I’m sooooo tired from waking up all night long last night, WHY can’t I fall asleep??

Can’t even count how MANY times I’ve had to go to the bathroom…must be a THOUSAND.

Shut off, brain. You’re shut off during the day, what’s wrong with staying off at night?

Dry throat…must…get…another drink of water.

Oh, PLEASE, don’t need to roll over. My separated muscles and taut skin can’t handle it even ONCE more.

Back pain, hip pain, pelvic pain. Why isn’t a memory foam mattress and three pillows enough?

I feel Rob breathing on me…argh…

Now I’m breathing on myself…argh…

Adjust arm positions. Adjust leg positions. Adjust head position. Repeat, repeat, and repeat.


Don’t mind me…only 28 more nights of this.

4 thoughts on “Grumblings

  1. Poor thing! You're so close! If you guys are around on Saturday and you don't feel like cooking we're doing Cafe Rio burritos and the recipe makes enough to feed a lot of people so you're more than welcome to join us or we can bring it over. I just remembered that I would have preferred meals brought in the last month I was pregnant because that's when I had zero desire to cook. Also, if you need a break you can send the kids over to play anytime.

  2. You're almost there! My SIL, when pregnant with triplets had to sleep in her recliner. the last month or two, she said she basically didn't sleep at all. Dozing off here and there, but never any real sleep. She was a champ though. 3 babies carried to 36 weeks and all healthy. Amazing.
    You can do it!

  3. Restless leg- I HATE THAT. I got that SO bad when I was pregnant with Dylan and still get it now. That is why I dont let people touch my feet cuz they might get it started. Hang in there.

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