Nate’s Latest

Nathan is just growing like crazy and he is really developing into a SMART, FUN, and HILARIOUS boy. Some of his favorites are:

The old Transformer cartoons
Building spaceships with his Trio blocks
Playing outside with his friends
Coloring and writing letters
Reading books
Running, throwing, jumping
Lucky Charm cereal
Music with electric guitars

He also loves to ride his bike. At the beginning of the summer we got him a bigger bike with training wheels. One day Rob was sitting in the living room and saw Nate ride by on his friend’s two-wheeler! What?! He had decided that since his friend could do it, he could too! So he practiced and before too long he was flying!! What a great feeling for a little boy! Rob was a little disappointed that he didn’t get to teach his oldest son how to ride a bike…it’s such a dad thing. But we’re super proud of Nate for his motivation and perseverance.

Here’s a funny story…

I was in the house one afternoon and suddenly heard all the neighborhood kids kids run up to our porch and begin chanting, “Do it! Do it! Do it!”. Then one kid said, “Just do it, we won’t laugh.” Hmmmmm. I opened the door and Nate was standing in the middle of the crowd with another little girl from the neighborhood. I asked what was going on and Nate said they all wanted the two of them to kiss!! (But he didn’t want to.)

I asked Nate to come inside so I could talk to him. I asked why they wanted them to kiss and he replied, “Because we’ve done it before.” Oh! Wow. Trying not to laugh I asked why he had kissed her before. He said, “Because she was being nice.” I then asked how long they had kissed and he acted it out for me. We’re talking a good 5 seconds! Sheesh!! That’s a pretty good first kiss!!

I tried not to make a big deal about it and just said it’s a good idea to wait until he’s a lot older to start kissing girls. I then praised him for not doing something he didn’t want to do just because all his friends wanted him to. He seemed pretty proud of himself for that and now he’s decided kissing is gross. Thank goodness! He’s such a cute and nice boy that I’m sure he’ll get plenty of kisses later on (sigh).

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