Pine Valley

While in St. George we ventured 40 minutes away to the Pine Valley Mountains to cool off (it was 106 degrees much of the time in St. George). It is a lovely little drive past a few volcanoes, through the tiny village of Pine Valley, and up into a small canyon.

Rob’s job was to get our supplies for the day and he somehow forgot most of what we needed. First, he realized he forgot to get cash to get us into the canyon, but the nice ranger let us in without having to pay the $2. Next, he forgot matches for the fire. We stopped at a little country store and the owner gave us some for free. Later, he realized he forgot ketchup for the hotdogs. I’ve never had a plain hotdog before and it surprisingly wasn’t bad, no doubt due to the fact that they were Nathan’s brand hot dogs. We didn’t have any skewers so we hunted for sticks. Just call us good, old-fashioned pioneery!!

The kids had a great time playing in the gentle stream among the trees, dirt, and Dale (a chipmunk). We cooked our hotdogs and had delectable fire-roasted marshmallows and then headed for home (but not before stopping for pie in Veyo).

This is how Nate’s first marshmallows came out.

After that, Rob showed him how to properly roast. This is Nate checking out the progress of his marshmallow.

  Awwwww. Perfection!

We had such a pleasant time that we headed up to the same area the next Saturday and had just as good of a time.

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