Wanna Come?

We’ve decided to go camping for three days/two nights over Memorial Day weekend. Does anyone want to join us??

This is our itinerary:


Visit the Bonneville Salt Flats


2 nights camping in Great Basin National Park


Lehman Caves


Visit Little Sahara sand dunes


Visit Eureka ghost town


Doesn’t that sound fun? Let us know if you wanna come!

3 thoughts on “Wanna Come?

  1. Sure wish we could! We have two events we have to attend on that Saturday, though. Thank you for all you do for the family. You two are such inspirations and examples.

    We love you,
    Mom and Dad

  2. The trip sounds nice if you are young. Looks like a lot of miles to walk or will you be able to drive also? How many miles is that stretch? We use to love trips like that. Love, Grandma.

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