Bowling Buddies

I’d been trying to think of something fun for Nate to do regularly over the summer to help fill the VAST amounts of time. Everything costs a fortune and we may be moving anyway, so I was a little discouraged. But then my friend, Kelli, emailed me a link to sign up for FREE bowling!! PERFECT!! If you’re interested in signing up your kids, go to KidsBowlFree.

We went this morning with our kids and had a really good time. The place was empty, the kids had a blast, and it’s always a sanity-saver to hang out with a friend.

I hadn’t taken any pictures for a while so I thought it’d be a fun thing to photograph…and it was. But it’s really hard to take pictures of little kids bowling. Obviously.

What every girl does in a bowling alley…it’s completely normal…


Madeleine looked so cute in her little bowling shoes!

After Madeleine got bored she wandered into the arcade and I followed towing Kelli’s baby. It was fun to have a new subject to subject to my flash. Family can see more here.

Here’s a sneak peak at the arcade shots I took. I’ve always thought arcades were creepy and this proves it. To see more, click over to our photography blog.

One thought on “Bowling Buddies

  1. Such cute children. I see that Nate and Madeleine have again grown a bit. Nate will be very handsome
    when he grows up and Madeleine probably makes Miss USA. Love, Grandma Raines.

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